The Three Stooges Show

Season 25 Episode 1

Quiz Whizz

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Feb 13, 1958 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • When Moe accidentally rips Joe's pants off, Joe chokes on his drink by mistake.

    • When the knife gets stuck in the wall next to Moe's head, Moe becomes so shocked his hair stands on end. But the knife next to his head begins to shake as his hair stand up. This is because the air compressor that made his hair rise also made the knife wiggle.

    • When Moe wants a drink of water, he flubs his line to Larry when he says "Pour some me some water."

  • Quotes

    • Montgomery: You should've never hot them with that bat. That would never kill them.
      Lisa: But the rat poison will. Be sure to put plenty in.
      Montgomery: Right. They must be stiff as planks when Prince and Broad arrive to claim the bodies.

    • Moe: Hey! I smell a rat!
      Larry: Yeah, a beautiful blonde one!

    • Moe: You're supposed to be a kid!
      Larry: So, I'm a juvenile delinquent.

    • Montgomery: I have some nice toys for you.
      Larry: I don't like toys! I like money!
      Moe: Yeah, folding money!

    • Moe: Now, we gotta get our money back from that stock swindler. Tell us about him.
      Joe: Well, his name is John Smith.
      Larry: Don't tell me he introduced you to Pocahontas.
      Joe: Somebody told ya!

    • (Joe gives J.J. Figbee his hat, which hangs down over his eyes.)
      Figbee: It doesn't fit.
      Moe: Oh, it looks perfect.
      Figbee: I can't see!
      Moe: Well, rent yourself a seeing eye dog!

    • Moe: Joe, don't tell me you bought the Brooklyn Bridge?
      Joe: Certainly not... that was sold last week.

    • Moe: Hello, police department. I wanna report a hold-up and a murder. The victim's name? Joe Besser.
      (Joe walks in but Moe hardly notices.)
      Joe: Good morning, Moe.
      Moe: Good morning.
      (Moe turns back to the phone.)
      Moe: Description? He's about 220 pounds. Height? About five-foot-five by five-foot-five. Color of hair? Skin! He was wearing a...
      (Moe realizes Joe is standing next to him.)
      Moe: Never mind, he's here!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Joe: Oh boy! We'll be Montgomery's Wards!

      Joe is making a reference to the large Montgomery Wards department store chain.

    • Larry: Let's play Post Office!
      Lisa: That's a kid's game.
      Larry: Not the way I play it!

      Larry is quoting a classic Stooges routine verbatim from the previous short Three Little Pigskins (1934).