The Three Stooges Show

Season 2 Episode 2

Restless Knights

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Feb 20, 1935 on AMC
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When the Stooges receive word from their dying father that they're of noble blood, they rush to protect Queen Anne from harm.

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  • The Stooges enlist in the Queen's service to protect her from her vicious prime minister.

    The first historical outing for the Stooges is somewhat of a disappointment. First, the supporting cast is somewhat hit and miss: Walter Brennan and Stanley Blystone do superb, realisitic jobs, but Geneva Mitchell seems bored and George Baxter, despite playing the villian, really has little to do. The short does have a well-defined plot at the start, with the Stooges offering their swords to protect the queen, but this is soon thrown away in favor of a lackluster chase ending, which really provides little conclusion. It seems as though the writers ran out of steam. The sets and costumes are very big-budget and impressive; but who would watch the Stooges just to see big-budget costumes? A mediocre entry, and probably the weakest of 1935.moreless
  • The Stooges are Medieval servants who find out they are of noble blood. They have been appointed royal chamberlains to the Queen of Anesthesia. But there heads are on the block when a recreational bout of wrestling gets the queen abducted.moreless

    This was a pretty good episode. Definitely not one of my favorites, but still it has many great merits to warrant this a funny short. I think for me, the segment where the Stooges are wrestling to amuse the Queen stand out as one of the best physical scenes in Stooges history. I like to also note that it reminds me of when I wrestled with my cousins growing up (I have no brothers), and the fact that it looked like Moe and Curly, who are brothers, were playing like little children. I always enjoyed that. I also like before the wrestling match, where Moe bet all of these birds on the little guy, prompting Larry to quip, "That's a fowl bet!" I love that. Another great episode.moreless
Walter Brennan

Walter Brennan

The Stooges' Father

Guest Star

Geneva Mitchell

Geneva Mitchell

Queen Anne

Guest Star

George Baxter

George Baxter

Count Boris

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • After Moe and Larry hit the Queen with their wooden clubs, they both drop their broken clubs. In the next shot of Moe and Larry, they are both suddenly holding clubs again.

    • After the Stooges are defeated by the swordsmen, their swords are lying discarded on the ground. When Curly turns around to face the last soldier, the swords have disappeared.

    • As the Stooges' father slaps all three of them for their misbehavior, look closely, and you will find the father put Larry's candle out at the same time.

    • Goofs:

      At the beginning when the boys show up from under the bed, Curly's hat looks like it's going to fall off, but in the next shot it's on correctly.

      When Moe says "Okay, pop, spill the porridge", the boys have excited smiles on their faces, but in the next shot, the boys have worried looks on their faces.

      In the part where the queen shows up and sits on her throne, we see a man walking up to her with his hat on, but in the next shot, he is already standing in front of her and his hat is off.

      After the guard tell the boys "The royal wrestlers await" it cuts to the wrestlers and in the background, the Stooges are lying down in front of the queen's throne which they weren't before.

      When the Stooges salute the queen, Larry almost forgets and salutes a little too late.

      A lot of strange cuts during the wrestling scene.

      After the guard announces that the queen is missing, Moe and Curly run down the stairs and they both trip.

      After the boys escape their execution, they stop running and if you notice, Moe is standing closest to the left side of the screen, with Larry in the middle and Curly on the right end, then the camera shows a hand from above dropping a jug and when it goes back to the Stooges, Curly is to the left of the camera and he is bending over for some reason.

      When the Stooges run inside the palace, they stop when they see the guards' shadows and in the next shot, the Stooges are standing in different positions and Moe is looking at Curly as if he said something.

      When Curly elbows Larry on the head, Larry holds his head in pain, but in the next shot, his hands are suddenly on the ground.

      When Curly goes back to one of the guards to snap his finger at him, he accidentally slips and falls on the ground.

      When the Stooges sword fight the guards, Curly holds the sword by the bottom of the blade and not the hilt.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (The Stooges flip coins to decide who has to go and fight the guards who are holding Queen Anne.)
      Larry: Odd man loses.
      Moe: OK.
      Moe: What've you got?
      Larry: Heads.
      Moe: What've you got?
      Curly: Tails.
      Moe: Heads, you lose!
      Curly: I never beat those guys!

    • Larry: Come on, even if we can't find the Queen, we can at least get a drink.

    • (The Stooges discover that the Queen is gone.)
      Moe: (to Larry) What did you do with the queen?
      Curly: Maybe he trumped her!

    • Henchman: Long live the queen! Ha ha ha!
      Henchman: Boris won't let her live long!

    • (Moe slaps Larry.)
      Father: Stop!
      Larry: You're too late.

    • Guard: The queen has disappeared!
      Guard: Her guards have been lax!
      Moe: We have not..we've been wrestling.

    • Larry: (to the Queen) Don't worry, we'll guard you well, Annie!

    • Larry: (as the Stooges are about to be shot with arrows) Maybe they'll miss us.
      Curly: That'll be an arrow escape. (SLAP!)
      Captain of the guard: Ready...aim...
      Moe: Hold on a minute now! Ain't there another way we can die?
      Captain of the guard: You may either have your head cut off or be burned at the stake! Heh, heh, heh.
      Larry: Cut my head off.
      Curly: Not me. I'd rather be burned at the stake.
      Larry: Why?
      Curly: A hot steak is better than a cold chop. (BONK, SLAP!)

    • Queen: What were you doing in Paris?
      Moe: Oh, looking over the parasites.

    • Larry: All for one!
      Moe: One for all!
      Curly: Every man for himself!

    • Curly: Am I the Count of Ten?
      Curly's Father: No, you're the Baron of Graymatter.

  • NOTES (5)


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