The Three Stooges Show

Season 26 Episode 2

Sappy Bullfighters

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Jun 04, 1959 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • Joe throws away the long darts before he falls from the bull, but he is suddenly holding them again in the next shot. The darts vanish again in the following shot.

    • When the camera shows Joe with his face covered in eggs, his mouth isn't moving, but his crying is still heard.

    • In some scenes of Joe riding the wild bull, stock footage of Curly from What's the Matador? is used. This is made even more obvious by the fact that Curly yelling "Woo woo woo!" can still be heard.

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  • Notes

    • This short's working title was "That's Bully".

    • Running time: 15 minutes 12 seconds

    • Though filmed in autumn 1957, this short would not be released until nearly two years later. By that time, the Stooges' were experiencing a rebirth in popularity, due the release of their shorts on television. In essence, the June 1959 release of Sappy Bull Fighters actually competed with the enormously successful television revival.

    • In this short, you can clearly tell that Joe's part in the ring was taken from Curly's footage back in 1941. The shots are dull in some parts, such as when Joe gets knocked into the air.

    • This is the last Stooge short released by Columbia Pictures featuring The Three Stooges.

    • This is a remake, with stock footage, of the previous Stooges film What's the Matador? (1942)

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