The Three Stooges Show - Season 11

AMC (ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • No Dough, Boys
    Episode 6
    The Stooges are mistaken for Japanese saboteurs by a gang of undercover Nazi spies.
  • 9/22/44
    The Stooges confront some noisy neighbors, and find 3 attractive women who are also in show business, and they decide to form a partnership. They audition for a show producer, and when the regular show performers can't make it, the Stooges and their new friends get to perform in their place. The boys end up getting hired for a Broadway show, but the girls have other ideas, and knock them out and marry them instead. This short includes the famous "Niagara Falls" routine.moreless
  • Idle Roomers
    Episode 4
    Moe, Larry, and Curly are janitors in a classy hotel. They are asked to clean one room and inside is Lupe, the wolf-man. Unknowingly, they free him leading to a series of gags with a glassless mirror and Curly trying to calm the monster with a trombone, only to have it smashed on his head. How will they get out of this one? Simple. The elevator.moreless
  • The Yoke's On Me
    Episode 3

    After being judged unfit for military service, the Stooges decide to operate a farm to support the war effort.

  • Busy Buddies
    Episode 2
    The Stooges are running a restaurant, and are behind in payment for their pastries, and look for a quick way to make some money. Curly signs up for a milking contest, with Moe and Larry in a fake cow costume.
  • 2/5/44

    The Stooges are dry cleaners mistaken for reporters who get hired by a struggling newspaper to take a picture of a rich widow and the foreign prince that she intends to marry.