The Three Stooges Show - Season 15

AMC (ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • 12/9/48

    The Stooges, who are janitors at a newspaper company, answer a phone call that leads them on a goose chase for a priceless Punjab diamond that was stolen by Dapper, a crook.

  • Mummy's Dummies
    Episode 8

    The Stooges work as used chariot salesmen in ancient Egypt, and are arrested when they sell a lemon to the Captain of the Guard. But when Shemp manages to cure the Pharoah's toothache, the three are made chamberlains and discover a tax embezzlement plot.

  • 10/7/48

    In prehistoric times, the Stooges live a caveman lifestyle and must fight for the love of three cavegirls.

  • Heavenly Daze
    Episode 6

    In order to gain entrance to heaven, Shemp must return to earth and reform Moe and Larry.

  • The Hot Scots
    Episode 5

    The Stooges are detectives, and go over to Scotland to solve a case of missing jewels.

  • Fiddlers' Three
    Episode 4

    The Stooges ask Old King Cole for permission to marry their sweethearts. The king agrees to fulfill the request after Princess Alicia weds in the spring. But when the evil wizard Mergatroyd kidnaps Alicia, the Stooges must find her and save the kingdom.

  • 3/4/48

    The Stooges are musical troubadours who help a blacksmith marry Princess Elaine. But the King objects from marrying a common person, and wants her to marry the Black Prince.
    In the castle, Moe finds out that the Black Prince plans to kill the king during the wedding.
    So the Stooges disguise themselves as knights to prevent the wedding from happening. They throw various fruits into the trumpets so that the trumpeters can't proclaim the wedding official. Just as they were about to kill the King, the blacksmith captures them & the King allows his princess to marry the village blacksmith.

  • Pardon My Clutch
    Episode 2

    The Stooges decide to go on a camping trip to ease Shemp's nerves, and purchase a broken down car and some camping equipment from their friend, Claude.

  • 1/8/48

    The Stooges are suspected as armored car bandits, but their good friend Gladys bails them out and gives them jobs. When Gladys discovers that she can sell her late father's home, she takes the Stooges to look the house over, unaware that the real bandits are holed up inside.