The Three Stooges Show - Season 22

AMC (ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • Fling in the Ring
    Episode 1

    The Stooges are the trainers of Chopper Kane, a beefy boxer, and they bet their bankroll on Chopper to win his next fight. When Big Mike, their gangster boss, tells them to have Chopper lose or they'll lose their lives, the boys try to soften up Chopper so he'll lose.

  • Of Cash and Hash
    Episode 2

    The stooges witness an armed robbery and are brought in by the cops as suspects. After passing a lie detector test, the boys are freed and go back to their jobs in a Cafe. When one of the robbers comes into the Cafe, the boys recognize him and along with their friend Gladys trail him to a spooky house in the country where the crooks are hiding out. The bad guys abduct Gladys and the stooges must rescue her.

  • 3/10/55

    Larry and Shemp, members of the Woman Haters club, reminisce about their experiences with Jane, a diamond crazy gold digger each of them was gypped by. In both of their cases, it turned out that Jane was also romantically involved with Moe as well, and threw each of them over for him.

  • Bedlam in Paradise
    Episode 4

    Shemp dies but cannot get into heaven until he reforms Moe and Larry. He returns to earth as an invisible spirit and sets out to prevent the other two stooges, who are in league with the devil, from selling a phony fountain pen invention to a rich couple.

  • Stone Age Romeos
    Episode 5

    The Stooges hope to collect a large reward by proving to a museum that cavemen still exist. They return from their expedition with a film purporting to show some stone age Stooges defending their women from other cavemen.

  • Wham Bam Slam
    Episode 6

    Shemp is a sick man with a bad case of nerves. The stooge's friend Claude, a self-taught healer, tries to cure Shemp with various home-made remedies. When nothing seems to work, Claude suggests they buy his old lemon of a car so they can take Shemp on a trip to the country.

  • Hot Ice
    Episode 7

    The Stooges apply for job as 'Yard Men' at Scotland Yard, thinking they'll become detectives, but instead wind up as gardeners. When they accidentally see a memo about the theft of the famous Punjab diamond, the boys decide to go after jewel thief Dapper Malone and his gang.

  • Blunder Boys
    Episode 8

    The stooges go to criminology school and graduate with the lowest possible honors. The boys join the police force and are assigned to track down a crook called the "Eel", who disguises himself as a woman. The stooges track the Eel to a hotel, and he leads them on a wild chase.