The Three Stooges Show - Season 5

AMC (ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • Mutts to You
    Episode 8

    The Stooges run a dog cleaning business with crazy gadgets. On their out to lunch break they spot a baby left on the doorstep by its mother for a moment. Thinking it has been abandoned, they decide to take the baby home and take care of it. They run into problems when a policeman finds out they have the stolen baby and proceeds to chase them.

  • 7/29/38

    The Stooges get jobs as actors on location in Africa, after they wreck their boss's office while working as janitors. Moe and Larry are primitive natives and Curly is the gorilla. Curly goes to extreme with special "love candy" from a witch doctor, so he can get the leading lady, but it backfires when the girl gorilla is the one who is now attracted to Curly.

  • 7/2/38

    The stooges work as gas station service men who end up running away from three professors on an ice cream truck. After thawing Curly out from sitting in the back of the ice cream truck the boys put on the professors clothes from their stolen luggage. The stooges are mistaken to be the professors by the college who is expecting them and they poorly pose as the professors and sing their famous "Alphabet Song". The real professors show up, but the ladies in the "girls-only" college end up getting their athletic program thanks to the stooges.

  • 5/20/38

    The Stooges go overboard wrecking a hotel room and incurring charges, after winning a contest and what they think is $50,000, but turns out to be $4.76 after taxes. They plan to marry rich widows, who are really gold diggers themselves, for their money, but are soon discovered.

  • Flat Foot Stooges
    Episode 4

    The Stooges are firemen who work at a station that a man is trying to modernize. When the captain doesn't want to, the man puts gun powder in the engine and causes a big fire that the Stooges have to put out.

  • Tassels in the Air
    Episode 3

    The Stooges stencil all the wrong names on the office doors when they are janitors, which causes a rich old lady to think that Moe is really a famous decorator. She hires them to come redo her house, which ends disasterous, especially once Curly goes crazy from seeing tassels.

  • Wee Wee Monsieur
    Episode 2

    The Stooges join the French Foreign Legions after they skip out on their past due rent in Paris. They have to disguise themselves as harem girls, once captain Gorgonzola is kidnapped, so they can get him back.

  • Termites of 1938
    Episode 1

    A rich woman hires the Stooges (who are pest exterminators) to escort her to a fancy party.