The Three Stooges Show - Season 6

AMC (ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • Three Sappy People
    Episode 8

    The Stooges, who are telephone repairmen, are mistaken as psychiatrists and asked to treat the eager wife of wealthy J. Rumsford Rumford. The trio attend a swanky dinner party at his home in hopes of "curing" home.

  • 10/6/39

    Curly keeps wishing and eventually gets what he wishes for each time. The Stooges end up meeting a woman who gives them food. They offer to fix her pump in return. They find out she has an oil well but she sold the deed to three men. The stooges go to get it back.

  • Calling All Curs
    Episode 6

    The Stooges can't stop a pair of dognappers from taking Mrs. Bedford's prize poodle, Garçon. They try to replace the dog with another, and it doesn't go unnoticed until the maid vacuums a clump of glued on air off the dog.

  • Saved by the Belle
    Episode 5

    The Stooges are set in front of a firing squad when they are in Valeska, South America, trying to sell fur coats. They are intructed to get rid of the coats and are arrested because an official in Valeska believes they are there to assassinate president Ward Robey.

  • 5/19/39

    The Stooges are entertainers and waiters in a western saloon with the three girls they hope to marry. They become gold miners to pay off their girlfriends' debts, only to find that when they hit the jackpot, the money was robbed from the bank by their boss.

  • 4/7/39

    After the Stooges get in trouble with a cop and run into a building; they're confronted by two convict conmen who offer them a job selling duck hunting club memberships. The boys end up selling memberships to the chief-of-police, mayor, and members of the police force. The pond they all go hunting in doesn't have any ducks and the stooges have to come up with schemes to get out of trouble with the disgruntled police duckhunters.

  • We Want Our Mummy
    Episode 2

    The Stooges, who are detectives, are hired to find Professor Tuttle and the mummy of Egyptian King Rutentuten.

  • 1/6/39

    The Stooges can't get passes to go ashore while they are working as sailors in a ship's tailor shop. They decided to steal uniforms and are mistaken for high-ranking navalofficials by a duo of foreign spies.