The Three Stooges Show - Season 9

AMC (ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • Sock-A-Bye-Baby
    Episode 7

    The Stooges awake to a baby, Jimmy, crying on the front stoop, with a note attached saying he's been abandoned. So the Stooges take him inside to care for him, that is until they read about a kidnapped baby, which happens to be Jimmy. The Stooges then try to evade the police.

  • Even as I.O.U.
    Episode 6

    The Stooges use money in a kid's piggy bank to buy a race horse and help out a mother and daughter in need. Unfortunetly, two men swindle them out of owning a good horse and into owning a run down retired horse. While taking care of the horse, Curly gives birth to a colt race horse, after accidently swallowing a vitamin Z pill that was meant for the retired horse.

  • Three Smart Saps
    Episode 5

    The Stooges can't marry their fiancees until they get their soon to be father-in-law out of jail. He was once the prison warden, but the local mob took over and imprisoned him. The Stooges break into the jail to free their father-in-law and expose the gangsters.

  • Matri-Phony
    Episode 4

    The Stooges are helping a red headed Diana hide out in their pottery shop in Ancient Erysipelas, from the almost blind Emperor Octopus Grabus who is on the hunt for a new red headed bride. The guards quickly discover that she is hiding there and bring the girl and the Stooges to Grabus. Curly poses as the bride Diana, while Moe and Larry help her escape.

  • 4/23/42

    The Stooges travel to Mexico only to find out their job as fake bull fighters in cancelled. Dolores Sanchez steps in to save the day, but in the process, angers her husband, Jose. Jose switchs the fake bull for a real bull at the local bull ring, which sends the Stooges running.

  • 2/26/42

    Curly is euphoric when he receives a letter from the Inventor's Association, saying that his Gold Collar Button retriever was impractical. He mistakenly thinks he's hit the jackpot and goes out with the other Stooges to find their new fortune. A con man convinces them to buy a map to a "lost" mine, but when they actually find one, two desert rats decide to try and jump their claim.

  • 1/8/42

    The Stooges try to sue a hotel after Curly "accidently" slip on a bar of soap in the hotel. They soon change their tune when they discover that the hotel is run by an old lady that is being evicted by her nasty landlord. The Stooges take things into their own hands and fix the place up, along with beating up the landlord.