The Three Stooges Show

Season 3 Episode 8

Slippery Silks

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Dec 27, 1936 on AMC
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The Stooges put on a fashion show from furniture inspired dresses they designed, after they inherit a fancy dress boutique.

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  • The Stooges break a valueable Chinese cabinet, and through a strange sequence of events, wind up in charge of a dress shop.

    The Stooges display their feminine sides as they become experts at the craft of dress making. The short has two basic parts, the wild and destructive carpentry scenes for an opener, and the the silly dress show for the second half. It's always great to see the Stooges destroy priceless antiques and throw cream puffs at society women in the same film. It's loads of fun. Vernon Dent and Symona Boniface begin to play the roles they would become stereotyped into in many later Stooges efforts, but both mesh very well with the Stooges here. This short is an often overlooked masterpiece.moreless
Vernon Dent

Vernon Dent

Mr. Morgan

Guest Star

Symona Boniface

Symona Boniface

Mrs. Morgan Morgan

Guest Star

Gail Arnold

Gail Arnold

Fashion Show Model

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The version of "Listen to the Mockingbird" that plays over the "The End" title card is unique to this film. It contains no bird sounds and has a different end note.

    • In the first shot of Mrs. Morgan spinning wildly on the pedestal, it is quite obviously a stunt double and not actress Symona Boniface.

    • Goofs:

      When the camera first shows Larry, he has four brushes in his mouth, but he only has two brushes in his mouth in the next shot.

      When the Stooges see the cops headed towards their store, they all spread out and a wooden board on the floor flies up and hits Larry on the leg.

      After the wooden plank hits Mr. Romani on the head, Larry is about to pick up the board, then in the next shot, he's already in the back putting the board away.

      You can see a board in the seat of Curly's pants when Moe and Larry are pulling the roofing nails out of his butt.

      After Larry knocks the Chinese Cabinet in the air, it cuts to Moe and Curly and Curly's holding his head as if he was hit by Moe, but we don't see it.

      You can see a string on the paint bucket when Larry knocks it over.

      A cut in the picture when Moe and Larry are tackled to the ground.

      When the boys walk in their gown shop, they huddle, then walk up to the three ladies as if they're going to do or say something to them, and Larry takes his hat off, but in the next shot, the boys aren't doing anything to the girls and Larry's hat is back on.

      After Moe grabs Curly away by the "hair" Curly walks away from Moe's grip and he looks like he's going to walk up to the ladies, but it cuts to the next scene before we see what happens.

      When Moe asks the lady what's wrong with her dress, the lady is looking down, but in the next shot, she's looking at Moe.

      You can see the stagehand that throws the cream-puff at Mrs. Morgan.

      After Mr. Morgan yells "My cabinet!", he runs up to Moe and starts choking him. Then there's an abrupt cut to Moe and Larry stepping outside of the building. We don't see how Moe got away from Mr. Morgan.

      When Larry says to Moe "Very artistic", his hands are in front of him and he's holding scissors, but in the next shot, his hands are suddenly behind him and Moe is now holding his pair of scissors.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (The Stooges look at a dress that a woman is unhappy with.)
      Moe: Now what in creation is wrong with the creation?
      Woman: Well, I bought it here last week and it really doesn't fit.
      Moe: How strange! Ha ha! There it is! A trifle too much train!
      Curly: Yeah, I think there's two boxcars and a caboose too many.
      Larry: The cowcatcher is dragging.

    • Curly: What can I do for you?
      Female customer: I'd like to see your hose.
      Curly: Soitenly!
      (Curly pulls up his pantleg and shows the woman his stockings.)
      Curly: What do you think of them?
      Female customer: No no no! I mean lady's hose!

    • Mr. Romani: Now Mr. Morgan, we're not as dumb as we look around here.

    • Mr. Romani: Now, Mr. Morgan wants an exact duplicate of this cabinet.
      Larry: I get ya, a twin!
      Moe: Don't worry boss, when we get through with that, its own mother won't be able to tell them apart.

    • (The lawyer and the policeman look a picture of the Stooges.)
      Lawyer: That's the only photograph we could find among their uncle's effects. He died very suddenly.
      Policeman: Probably took a look at the picture and couldn't stand the shock.

    • Large Woman: (to Mrs. Morgan, as both are admiring an outfit) I think I'd look stunning in that riding habit.
      Curly: (to Moe) I think there'd be trouble figurin' out which one was the horse.

    • Moe: The crazier they look, the more women will pay for them.

    • Mr. Morgan: Are you sure this work will be in competent hands?
      Curly: Soiteny! We're all incompetent!

    • Moe: I always wanted to make a cabinet like that. The idea's been in my head since I been ten years old.
      Curly: Oh, sorta aged in the wood.

  • NOTES (2)