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The Three Stooges Show

Season 17 Episode 7

Studio Stoops

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Oct 05, 1950 on AMC
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Episode Summary


The Stooges have an idea to make up a story about the kidnapping of an actress, which then backfires when she really is kidnapped.

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  • The Stooges are exterminators mistaken for press agents. Their first task is to come up with a way to promote the studio's newest star Dolly Devore. They decide to have Devore disappear, but this fails when gangsters find out and kidnap her.moreless

    A rare gem from 1950. The short is full of amazing verbal gags from "Brown from the Sun" to "Three watches", to the "Password-Open the Door". The highlight is probably Shemp enclosed in a garment bag, dangling above traffic on the 10th floor of the hotel building. He later gets some great word play in with a phone operator, while holding onto a phone and hanging above traffic at the same time. The Stooges also,for once, have a great wardrobe, which is used to affect with them being mistaken for press agents and all. Although this short is somewhat obscure, it is a great gem from the mid-Shemp era.moreless
Larry Fine

Larry Fine

Larry 1925-26, 1929-71

Moe Howard

Moe Howard

Moe 1922-26, 1929-71

Shemp Howard

Shemp Howard

Shemp 1922-25, 1929-32, 1947-55

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • A hose can be seen coming out of the back of Moe's jacket just before he fires his water pistol at Dandy and Tiny.

    • When Shemp throws sand in Louie's face, Louie just stands there for a second before reacting.

    • When the elevator doors open, and Larry is standing over Dandy Dawson's unconcious body, a long shadow can be seen moving up and down in the upper left corner. But when Larry exits the elevator, it vanishes.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Shemp is talking to Moe on the phone as the phone begins to break off of the wall.)
      Shemp: Could you hurry it up a little? It's urgent. And besides, somebody wants to use the line!

    • Larry: Say, when I come back, I'll give ya the password.
      Moe: Brilliant, what'll it be?
      Larry: Open the door!

    • (Moe, Larry, and Dolly see Shemp fall from a ledge.)
      Moe: Poor Shemp!
      Larry: And he had his good suit on too!

    • Shemp: Keep your chin up...mine is down on my knees.

    • (Moe dictates a letter for Shemp to type on the typewriter.)
      Moe: Flash! Hollywood, June 22nd! Dolly Devore, glamorous star of B.O. Pictures, disappeared today under circumstances that indicate foul play...
      (Shemp hits a few keys on his typewriter.)
      Moe: ...and...
      (Shemp begins typing for a long time.)
      Moe: Read that back.
      Shemp: Oggle goggle yatee bene fuch ah tinney herongha paravic man heehaw June 22nd.

    • Louie: Who are you?
      (Shemp reaches into an ashtray and grabs a handful of sand.)
      Shemp: I'm the sandman!
      (Shemp throws sand into Louie's eyes.)

    • (Larry produces guns for Moe and himself.)
      Moe: Where'd you get it?
      Larry: At the studio, the same place I got the money. There was a door maked "Property", but it didn't say whose property.
      Moe: Well, finders keepers.

    • (The carriage flies off of Larry's typewriter and hits Moe in the head.)
      Larry: What happened to my carriage?
      Moe: (bowing) Your carriage waits without,
      Larry: (bowing) Oh, thank you, sir.
      (Moe hits Larry with the carriage.)
      Moe: Here's your carriage and next time hold your horses.

    • Moe: I tell you what! We'll have the little lady disappear! That's always a great story.
      Dolly: Disappear? How corny can one get?

    • Moe: I'm afraid you have an advantage over us, sir.
      J.B. Fletcher: (to Shemp) What a kidder! As if he didn't know who J.B. Fletcher is...I only run this studio!

    • (Moe and Larry are accidentally knocked into a bathtub.)
      Larry: Hey, this ain't Saturday night!
      Moe: What have we got to lose?
      (The duo start taking a bath with their clothes on.)

    • (Shemp dangles above the street by hanging onto a phone. The operator comes on the line.)
      Shemp: What's the matter, operator? Will I hang on? What do you think I'll do? Let go? Do you think I'm silly?
      Operator: I am sorry, we cannot give out that information.

    • Larry: This is the best termite sprayer we ever used. (He sprays some of it in Moe's face)
      Moe: Do I look like a termite? Don't answer that.

    • (A reporter walks in and introduces himself.)
      Brown: I'm Brown, from "The Sun"
      Shemp: Aww, that's too bad...are you peeling?

  • NOTES (2)

    • The final Stooges short to use the vaudeville classic "Three Watches" joke. The routine had previously been used in Dutiful but Dumb (1941) and Rhythm and Weep (1946).

    • The gibberish Shemp types on his typewriter is identical to the dialogue used in the Stooges classic "Maha" routine, most notable for its inclusion in Three Little Pirates (1946).


    • The scenes of Shemp wandering around in the garment bag are modelled after similar scenes in the Buster Keaton film So You Won't Squawk (1941).