The Three Stooges Show

Season 25 Episode 4

Sweet and Hot

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Sep 04, 1958 on AMC



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    • Hugo : As I understand, your trouble is that you cannot sing in front of people. Yah?
      Tiny : That's right, Doctor.
      Hugo : Then you are a knuckle-poop.
      Joe: Say, watch your language.

    • Hugo : Gentleman, take a chair
      Joe: Gee, thank you. (He and Larry pick up the chairs)
      Hugo: Here, here, here. Please don't take them home.
      Joe: Indian giver.

    • (The doctor has put Tiny into a trance.)
      Tiny: Tiny is six years old.
      Hugo: And what did you want to be when you were six?
      Tiny: Seven. Tiny is four years old.
      Hugo: And what did you want to be when you were four?
      Tiny: Seven.

    • Larry: Now don't get excited, Doctor.
      Hugo: Who's getting excited??!!

    • (Joe faints.)
      Hugo: Just a minute! I give him artificial respiration!
      Larry: Artificial? For what you charge, you give him the real thing!

    • (Larry tries to persuade Tiny to come to New York.)
      Larry: Steaks that thick, great, big, delicious lobsters, chicken cacciatore, spaghetti tetrazzini, and strawberry shortcake, with strawberries...
      Joe: Hold it! Stop!
      Tiny: I couldn't eat another bite.
      Larry: Then it's a deal?
      Tiny: You've convinced me. When do we eat, I mean, when do we leave?

    • Tiny: Oh Larry, do you still think I'm pretty?
      Larry: I think you're prettier than a spotted heifer.
      Tiny: That's the sweetest thing you ever said to me.

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