The Three Stooges Show

Season 5 Episode 3

Tassels in the Air

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Apr 01, 1938 on AMC
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The Stooges stencil all the wrong names on the office doors when they are janitors, which causes a rich old lady to think that Moe is really a famous decorator. She hires them to come redo her house, which ends disasterous, especially once Curly goes crazy from seeing tassels.


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  • The Stooges are mistaken for interior decorators, and are sent to redo a socialite's home.

    Guarenteed to teach Pig Latin in one easy lesson. The Stooges shine in this mistaken identity comedy, which also pokes fun at the idle rich. Curly is his usual wild self, this time driven crazy by tassels, and calmed down by tickling. This allows for lots of opportunities for leading lady Bess Flowers to get in on the action. Bud Jamison is great in a small role as her husband, and Jean de Briac is wonderful as the real interior decorator. The painting gags are the highlight, mainly Curly painting the cookoo clock. A Stooges classic, and one of the strongest Stooge comedies of all time.moreless
Symona Boniface

Symona Boniface

Bridge player

Guest Star

Vernon Dent

Vernon Dent

Building superintendent

Guest Star

Bess Flowers

Bess Flowers

Maggie Smirch

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Thaddeus says "Maggie, do you realize before we came into all of this money I was a letter carrier?", there's a film cut midsentence, and the position of Thaddeus' pipe changes from his mouth to his hand.

    • The film has obviously been cut when the paint buckets land on the Stooges heads and the paint pours out.

    • The first of a score of Stooges appearances for actor Victor Travers, who is seen briefly as the man leaving the elevator. He would appear opposite the Stooges until his death in 1948.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • (Maggie stands up and rips off part of her dress.)
      Moe: Something's going on here, boys!
      Curly: Looks like something's coming off too.

    • (Curly pulls a weight off of a clock and bites it.)
      Moe: What are you trying to do?
      Curly: I thought it was golden bantam!

    • (Larry paints the steps below him and proudly shows Moe.)
      Larry: My part's done.
      Moe: How're you gonna get down without spoiling the paint?
      Larry: I got it! You carry me down!
      Moe: Am I dumb! Hop up here!
      (Moe carries Larry down the stairs.)
      Moe: You're getting to be a mental giant!

    • Maggie: Omay?
      Curly: Oh, you're wise to it too, eh? Omay's inside, I'm Umday! Come right in, lady. We wasn't expecting any company.

    • Larry: Which is the left side?
      Curly: That's the left!
      Larry: Which is right?
      Curly: The one that's left.
      Larry: That's right!
      Curly: No, that's left...RUFF!

    • Omay: Quiet! Quiet!
      Moe: What's all the fuss mademoiselle?
      Omay: Name of a pig! How is it possible to make so much noise painting?
      Moe: You don't know us guys. We make noise stuffing a mattress!

    • Thaddeus Smirch: (seeing Moe about to paint) Boy, I'd love to help. I haven't had a brush in my hands for years.
      Moe: (annoyed) Sure, you can help. Go mix me a batch of spotted paint.

    • Butler: Gentlemen! You're not going to paint that table?
      Curly: Why soiteny!
      Butler: But you can't do that! It's a rare antique!
      Moe: What, that old thing?
      Butler: It once belonged to Louis XVI!
      Larry: Oh, secondhand, eh?

    • Moe: Now I'll explain it so even you can understand it.
      Moe: Moe-Omay. Larry-Arry-lay. Curly?
      Curly: Curly-cue

    • Moe: My name is Moe. In pig Latin, that's Oh-may.
      Larry: My name is Larry. Now, what's that in pig Latin?
      Curly: (guessing) Oh-may?
      Larry (annoyed) It's Arry-lay.
      Moe: Boy, are you um-day.
      Curly: (excited) Oh, you mean I'm um-day in pig language?
      Moe: You're um-day in any language.

    • Moe: That's pig Latin.
      Larry: Sure, anybody can understand it. It's very simple.
      Curly: Well I can't, and I'm simple.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Scenes from this film were used in the 1984 music video for The Jump 'n the Saddle Band's Stooge-themed hit, The Curly Shuffle.

    • Running time: 17 minutes 09 seconds

    • Many of the gags used in the table painting scene would be reused by Moe, Larry, and Shemp in their unsold television 1949 pilot Jerks of All Trades, which, coincidentally, also featured Symona Boniface. The gags would be recycled again the following year in "A Snitch in Time."


    • The title "Tassels in the Air" is a play on the old expression, "Building castles in the air".

    • The plot and many of the gags are taken from the comedy short Luncheon at Twelve (1933), which had starred Charley Chase (the producer and director of this film).