The Three Stooges Show

Season 4 Episode 8

The Sitter Downers

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Nov 26, 1937 on AMC
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Episode Summary


The Stooges propose to their girlfriends for the 100th time, but when their father won't let them marry his daughters, the Stooges go on a sit-down strike. After 3 weeks, the father finally gives in, and allows them to marry. After they are married, their new brides won't let them start the honeymoon until their build-it-yourself house is finished.


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When the Stooges's wives knock down the part of the house with the Stooges on it, the Stooges (actually doubles) fall to the ground, but then quickly get up. In the next shot, the Stooges are back on the ground and get up again.

    • The long board that Curly's wife uses to knock him out of the tree is erect when Curly falls out of the tree, but is lying flat on the ground in the next scene.

    • When the Stooges first arrive at their wives' home, they all yell their names and then propose. Later, when they are drawing the girl's names from a hat, the girl's nametags don't match the names the Stooges called at the beginning of the film.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Curly points out a sideways door.)
      Curly: I think there's something wrong with this door!
      Moe: Looks all right to me.

    • (Moe decides to try to free Curly's feet from the cement.)
      Moe: Get the dynamite. I knew we'd have to use it for something.
      Curly: Dynamite? Hey, you're not gonna blast?
      Moe: What would you do?
      Curly: I'd blast.

    • (Curly walks over with his feet caked in cement.)
      Curly: Somebody hit me on the head with a keg of nails, and when I came too, here I was!
      Moe: I knew I missed a keg of nails!
      Curly: But it didn't miss me!

    • (Curly tries to defend the sit-down strike from Mr. Bell.)
      Curly: You can't do that to us! We're not interfering with interstate commerce!

    • Moe: Mr. Bell, can we marry your...
      Mr. Bell: NO!
      (Mr. Bell slams the door in Moe's face.)

    • Opening text: In the spring, three young men's fancies lightly turn to the thought of- you know.

    • (The Stooges are drawing names of their girls out of a hat. Larry reaches into the hat and draws a name)
      Larry: (reading) I've got Florabell.
      Florabell: (hugging Larry) Honey! Darling!
      (Moe reaches into the hat and draws a name)
      Moe: (reading) I've got Corabell.
      Corabell: Darling!
      (Curly reaches into the hat and rips out the hat liner)
      Curly: (reading) I get...Stetson! Which one is she?

    • Moe: We ain't gonna build nothin'! We're on our honeymoon!
      Curly: Soiteny! I got married so I could retire!

  • NOTES (4)


    • Several of the homebuilding gags are taken from a 1935 comedy short called Why Pay Rent? starring Roscoe Ates and a pre-Stooges Shemp Howard.