The Three Stooges Show

Season 13 Episode 4

The Three Troubledoers

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Apr 25, 1946 on AMC
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Moe, Larry, & Curly travel out west and wind up targets of a desperado when they try to prevent his marriage to the village blacksmith.

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  • The Stooges become targets of Badlands Blackie, when Curly courts blacksmith Nell.

    "Do you take this horse collar to be your lawful wedded harness?" Curly makes a brilliant phoney Justice of the Peace in what might be the only positive aspect of one of the weakest Stooges westerns. Curly was in quite poor health, and it shows in some parts, as he is very thin and his voice is strained. The cast is remarkable, especially Dick Curtis, who could hold his own comically even when surrounded by talent like the Stooges. Christine McIntyre makes a great leading lady and after only a few Stooges films has already broken in to their comic patterns. The ending is stupid, and the film itself is only mediocre.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • The song that plays while the Stooges ride to Skullbone Pass is the finale from Rossini's William Tell Overture.

    • When Moe inserts a firecracker between Curly's head and the collar around his neck, he says "Hold still...", but the rest of his line is cut off by a film cut.

    • When Moe and Larry are trying to help Curly out of the collar, the collar isn't on as tightly as it was when Trigger and Quirt put it on.

    • The film has obviously been cut when Curly goes behind the haystack to change into the judge's clothes. The haystack even shifts slightly, revealing the cut.

    • After Curly finishes target practice, we see a shot of him from the back as he removes his glasses. The next shot shows his face, and his glasses are still on.

    • A wire can be seen pulling the bomb into the powder shack at the end of the film.

    • When Curly shoots the balloon in target practice, the balloon should have exploded instead of slowly deflating like it did.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (Blackie picks up a horseshoe.)
      Moe: Oh, superstitious, eh?
      (Blackie hits Moe and Larry with the horseshoe.)

    • Nell: I promised this man I'd marry him if he saved your life.
      Nell's father: What, him? I'd rather be dead!
      (Curly hands him a lit stick of dynamite.)
      Curly: Nuk nyuk nyuk! Anything to oblige.

    • (Judd is about to marry Blackie and Nell.)
      Judd: It's a long time since I done this. I don't seem to recollect how she goes.
      Blackie: You'd better remember, you old billygoat!

    • Moe: Were you looking where you where going?
      Curly: No, I was going where I was looking.

    • Curly: Do you take this horsecollar for your lawful wedded harness?

    • Blackie: I'm gonna count to ten and then I'm gonna blast. One, two...
      Curly: Not so fast!

    • Moe: No, you don't need glasses, it's only in your mind. I'll prove it to you.
      (Moe holds out a card.)
      Moe: How many letters on that card?
      Curly: Seven.
      Moe: You're wrong, fifteen. You'd better use your glasses.
      Moe: How many letters on that side of the card?
      Curly: What card?

    • Nell: That makes six sheriffs he's killed, not counting deputies.
      Moe: Oh, they never count deputies.
      Larry: Hey, we're deputies!
      Moe: We're ex-deputies!

    • Curly: Hey Nell! I'm the new sheriff! One hundred bucks a month! What do you say you and I get married?
      Nell: If you're man enough to get Blackie and save my father, yes!
      Curly: Hey Moe! Hey Larry! I'm engaged! I'm practically married!

    • Townsman: That was Blackie! Someone whooped him in a gunfight.
      Townsman: Well, whoever he is, he's our new sheriff!

    • Nell: If anybody gets in Blackie's way, he shoots them!
      Curly: Now gal, don't worry about Badlands Blackie with Coney Island Curly around.

    • (Moe leads Gladys the mule to a trough.)
      Moe: While Gladys is wetting her whistle, we'll see about getting her a pair of shoes.
      Curly: She could use a pair of bedroom slippers too.

    • Moe: Are we mice or men?
      Larry and Curly: Mice!
      Moe: Don't get personal.

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