The Three Stooges Show

Season 11 Episode 3

The Yoke's On Me

Aired Daily 6:00 PM May 26, 1944 on AMC
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The Yoke's On Me

After being judged unfit for military service, the Stooges decide to operate a farm to support the war effort.

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  • Unable to go to war, the Stooges purchase a broken down farm filled with Japanese spies.

    One of the most frequently challenged and avoided Stooges comedies, due to the assumptions of its cruel portrayal of Japanese soldiers. It really isn't all that bad, and as many Stooges scholars can tell you, it was never banned or blacklisted due to its content. It's a decent film, the highlight probably being Curly's wild fan dance with ostrich feathers, although the farm antics idea isn't bad as a whole. The ending with the exploding eggs was visible from a mile away. Emmett Lynn provides some great support, and even accidentally drops a naughty word while trying to start his car. Thanks to the new Stooges DVD sets, this piece is no longer obscure.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • After Curly accidentally hits Moe and Larry on the head and knocks them out, he lays his board down a haybale in front of him, with one hand still on the board. In the next shot, as Curly is talking to himself, neither of his hands are on the board.

    • When the goose bites Curly on the nose, wires can be seen moving the goose's beak into the right position.

    • Although all of the Japanese fugitives are supposedly unconcious after the explosion, one of them can clearly be seen moving his arm to itch his nose at one point.

    • When Mr. Smithers unsuccessfully tries to start the Stooges' car, he can clearly be heard muttering the word "bastard" under his breath.

    • When Curly hands Moe a piece of wood, he is supposed to say "Hit me with that and we'll all be even.", but he flubs his line and says "Hit me with that and we'll be all be even."

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Curly: We have an ostrich that lays hand grenades.

    • (Curly knocks out Moe and Larry, thinking they are the Japanese villains.)
      Curly: Oh boy! I got two Japs! I'm a hero! MacArthur will decorate me for this! I practically won the war alone! I can see it now, a parade coming down 5th Avenue...
      (Moe and Larry revive and stop Curly.)

    • Curly: (admiring the ostrich) What a beautiful bird! Looks like a fan-tailed pigeon!

    • Moe: Listen, if you don't stop I'll give you a pop!
      Curly: What flavor?
      Moe: Five delicious flavors!
      (Moe slaps Curly.)

    • Moe: A gander! A gander! A goose's husband!
      Larry: Yeah, a papa goose.
      Curly: Do they have papa and mama gooseses?
      Larry: Oh, sure! And little baby gooseses too!

    • (Curly hits Moe with a fencepost.)
      Moe: Squashbrain! What are you doing?
      Curly: Picket duty!

    • Ma: And our baby, Curly, I know he'll become a general in the cavalry. Why, only last week I had to drag him off the merry-go-round.

    • (The Stooges search their new farm for livestock)
      Larry: I don't see a single cow.
      Curly: I don't even see a married one.

  • NOTES (3)