The Three Stooges Show

Season 19 Episode 6

Three Dark Horses

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Oct 16, 1952 on AMC
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The Stooges become delegates during a big election not knowing that the canadate they're representing is a crook.

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  • Crooked presidential campaign workers hire janitor Stooges to pose as delegates at the presidential convention.

    A very original outing for the Stooges. Very few Stooges films possess a political tone of any sort. The short is also strong thoroughout, not a hit-and-miss effort. Kenneth MacDonald is as unctous as ever, and Ben Welden, in his only Stooges apperance, shines as his henchman. The opening is mainly physical humor involving the various janitorial props the Stooges own. Sure it's old stuff, but the Stooges pull it off terrificly. There's some great verbal humor thorughout the middle of the film, particularly the "confetti" and "worms" gags. The ending is also hysterical, complete with a very brief but intense fight scene. The last scene is somewhat sickening, as you'll never look at bathing the same way again. Great entry.moreless
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Joe Besser

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Producer and director Jules White provides the voice of the TV announcer on the newscast that Wick and Jim are watching.

    • As the Stooges throw confetti around the room to celebrate, a bunch gets stuck on Larry's face. The confetti vanishes in the next shot.

    • After Shemp fills a pail of water to bathe his tired feet, he never turns the water off in the bathtub. It can be heard in the background in several following scenes. Shemp's mistake flooded the set and left plenty of work for the clean-up crew.

    • The film has obviously been cut just before Shemp is hit by the falling pie.

    • The picture on the campaign poster for Hammond Egger is an image of actor Bud Jamison, who supported the Stooges in many of their films until his death in 1944.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Moe: (to Shemp) Don't be a chump, you chump!

    • Moe: (reading his speech) Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, fellow degenerates, uh, delegates. In these sordid and morbid times when our national economy is at stake and steak is $3.00 a pound. Ha ha ha! There is a crying need for a man of destiny to step forth. What our country needs it tax reform and land reform. Instead, all we get is chloroform! Shall we continue to remain asleep?

    • Moe: Order! Order!
      Larry: I'll take a steak and French fries!
      Moe: You're out of order!

    • The Stooges: Hammond Egger wants your vote, shout his praises from your throat, you'll eat steak instead of stew, five, four, three, two!

    • (The Stooges glue Jim's toupee to his head.)
      Larry: To coin a phrase, it's your toupee, and you're stuck with it!

    • (Shemp's vacuum sucks up Jim's toupee.)
      Moe: Look, you idiot, you scalped him!

    • Wick: What we need are three delegates who are too dumb to think and will do what we tell them. Now, where do we find such guys?
      (The Stooges knock on the door and enter the room.)

    • Moe: We can buy a yacht!
      Larry: And go fishin'!
      Moe: You got worms?
      Larry: Yeah, but I'm going anyhow.

    • Shemp: Let's eat, I'm hungry.
      Moe: Me too. I could eat a horse.
      Shemp: Don't look at me.
      Moe: I said a horse, not a jackass.

    • Shemp: Quit playing and carve that turkey.
      Moe: I'm scared to touch it.
      Shemp: Scared? You're crazy. Look at that beautiful brest. (He rubs the turkey and it laughs) No wonder you can't carve it, it's ticklish.

    • Moe: Carve the turkey.
      Larry: I can't. This thing isn't cooked.
      Moe: How do you know?
      Larry: I jabbed it with a fork and it hollered "Help".

  • NOTES (1)