The Three Stooges Show

Season 2 Episode 7

Three Little Beers

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Nov 28, 1935 on AMC
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The stooges are hired to deliver beer, but when they go to deliver beer to a golf course, they get distracted and play a round of golf.

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  • classic Stooge

    Several classic Stooge comedy such as our heroes dressing up as golfers! Or trying to outrun the beer barrels chasing them!
  • The Stooges work at a brewery, and decide to shapren up their golf game when they hear of a company tournament.

    "How are we gonna shoot golfs without guns?" asks Curly in this amazing Stooges sports farce. The game of golf will never be the same. The gags and plot are mostly original, with the exception of the closing gag of the runaway beer barrels, which is taken from Buster Keaton's "What, no Beer?". The verbal wordplay in this short is constant, but takes a back seat to the Stooges constant destruction of the golf course. Curly chopping down the tree to get back his ball is my personal favorite, and the Italian gardener's reaction is even funnier yet. One of the Stooges all time greats.moreless
Bud Jamison

Bud Jamison

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Eve Reynolds

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Girl on golf course

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The huge tower of beer barrels in the back of the Stooges' truck is obviously one solid entity. All of the barrels rock in unison whenever Curly moves.

    • The entry blank for the golf tournament tells us the contest will take place on Sunday, December 19th, 1935. That is almost a month after this short's release date.

    • In the final scenes where the stooges are driving their beer delivery truck uphill they lose several kegs of beer and start chasing after them. It's obvious that stunt doubles were used for these scenes.

    • Goofs:

      When Moe is raising the beer barrel up to Curly on a rope, I think you can hear the director shouting in the background.

      When the truck stops at the golf course, Curly's hat accidentally falls off.

      A visible jump in the picture before each Stooge holds a "press" button to the camera.

      You can see a string on the hat top when it falls in the hole.

      When Curly leans his golf club over the ball washer, it accidentally falls down, but it's back up in the next shot.

      When one of the Italian men is yelling at Larry, at first, he has his hat on, but it's off in the next shot. Likewise, there's a cut in the following scene where the other Italian gardener is yelling at Moe. After Moe says "The pieces are getting smaller, see?" the gardener says "Yes" then it suddenly cuts to him yelling he's going to call the police.

      When the foreign gardners are complaining to the cops about the Stooges, the camera cuts over to the Stooges and they're over by the golf ball washer and they're helping Curly put back on his clothes, but they weren't by the golf ball washer in the previous shots, and Curly's clothes was already on.

      When Curly cries "Hey, we lost a barrel!!" the truck is still driving. Then the camera cuts to a quick shot of the barrels running downhill, and when it cuts back to the Stooges, the truck is suddenly stopped and Moe and Larry are already out of the truck.

      When the cop gets knocked over by a barrel, he gets up from the ground, but in the next shot, he's laying back down and he gets up again.

      You can see the string holding up Moe when he's standing on top of the barrel.

      When we see the barrels rolling down the hill, they show a hill looking down that looks like a one-way street. But in the next scene, we see a wider street with train tracks down the middle.

      When the barrels are rolling down the hill, the cop directing traffic lifts his leg up before he falls over. This is because the barrels were being pulled by strings, and he was standing on a string.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (A man hands Larry a piece of paper about the golf tournament
      Larry: What's this?
      (Moe takes the paper from Larry)
      Moe: What do you know about that?
      Larry: What?
      Moe: A $100 bucks!
      Larry: A $100 bucks?
      Curly: (on top of the stack of barrels in the beer truck holding a barrel) A Hundred bucks, Count me in!! (He drops the Barrel and it breaks as he climbs down the stack of barrels.)

    • Groundskeeper: Whatsa matta with you, whatsa matta with you, choppin' down the tree, you think you're Georgea Wash?

    • (Groundskeeper runs across the fairway where Moe is practicing, notices the millions of divots on the ground, then approaches Moe)
      Groundskeeper: Hey, what's da matter? What are ya doin'? Why do you choppa choppa chopppa? What are ya doin'? Ya gotta a shovel here?
      Moe: Aw, quiet now, will ya? I'm gettin' better, see? The pieces are gettin' smaller.
      Groundskeeper: Yes. I tell the police! He's a-crazy! Oh!! A-boza-boza!
      Moe: So's your old man!

    • (A couple of men walk by the Stooges)
      Man 1: I shot a Birdie yesterday!
      Man 2: Ya did, that's great!
      (Moe looks to Curly)
      Moe: (to Curly) Well, Jasper, what did you shoot yesterday?
      Curly: (pretending to throw imaginary dice) I shot a 7, but they wouldn't give me the money!
      Moe: You did?
      Curly: "Yeah!
      (Moe shrugs at Larry, then slaps Curly)
      Larry: Ya know, I shot a..
      Moe: (Moe interrupts and grabs Larry by the hair) Yeah. Go grab a bag of bats, killer!

    • Man: Hey, you! "Fore"!
      Curly: Five!
      Larry: Six!
      Moe:: Seven!
      Curly: Sold to the man with the spitoon haircut!
      Moe: Oh, getting personal, eh? (slaps Curly)

    • Moe: This is a golf course!
      Curly: I don't see any golfs!
      (Moe hits him)
      Curly: Ooh, ooh, look at the golfs!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Scenes from this film were used in the 1984 music video for The Jump 'n the Saddle Band's Stooge-themed hit, The Curly Shuffle.

    • The golf course scenes were filmed on location at Rancho Golf Course in Beverly Hills.

    • This is the first of two shorts in which the Stooges use their "press, press, pull" routine. The other is Even As IOU (1942).

      This is the first short in which Moe angrily calls someone (in this case, Larry) a wise guy.

      This is the second consecutive short in which something has fallen out of the Stooges' truck. They accidentally let a load of trash loose in Hoi Polloi.


    • The ending finale with the runaway beer barrels is similar to the ending of the Buster Keaton and Jimmy Durante comedy film What, No Beer? (1933).

    • The title card of "Three Little Beers" contains three drunken bears, an obvious reference to the Mother Goose fairy tale The Three Bears.