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The Three Stooges Show

Season 1 Episode 4

Three Little Pigskins

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Dec 08, 1934 on AMC
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Episode Summary


While looking for money, Larry, Moe and Curly are mistaken for three football players from Boulder Dam College called "The Three Horsemen". When they're made an offer they can't turn down, they agree to play. There's only one problem, none of them know how to play football!


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  • The Stooges are mistaken for famous collge football players by a notorious gangster.

    The Three Famous Horsemen of Boulder Dam... or not! The Stooges brilliantly parody the game of football, and openly flirt with Lucy Ball in this early Stooges film. This is probably my least favorite of 1934, becuase very little of the material is original. The early scenes with the women are reworked almost exactly from Laurel and Hardy's "We Faw Down", and the football scenes are copied almost exactly from Wheeler and Woolsey's "Hold Em Jail". Although the Stooges handle the material better than either comic team, their chemistry is still not yet perfected, and sometimes, the laughs are too far between to make this an instant classic.moreless
  • The Stooges are mistaken for amateur college football players for a rival college. Their amateur status really shines on the football field.

    This is my favorite 1934 short. This one is one of the best shorts in the series. It was definitley in my opinion the second best aside of "Hoi Polloi" in this early era. Plus, you get the added attraction of a blonde Lucille Ball. This short really set the tone for what was to come in the Stooges shorts of this period. They play vagrants out of work because of the Depression. But to me, this short was the definitive film of the Stooges characters: they were firmly established in their roles. And their timing was perfect when performing their gags. Larry again steals the show, when, dressed in his lingerie, says "Will the lady with the lucky number come get me please." I died laughing when Moe reacted by gouging his eyes out. And when the Stooges were playing Blind Man's Bluff and having a seltzer fight, that was also funny. The real gem, though has to be when the Stooges step out onto the football field. I like it when Larry fails to stop the extra point when the ball hits his head and it goes over the goal. This is a pure Stooges classic.moreless
  • While looking for money, Larry, Moe and Curly are mistaken for three football players from Boulder Dam College called "The Three Horsemen". When they're made an offer they can't turn down, they agree to play. There's only one problem, none of them know homoreless

    While looking for money, Larry, Moe and Curly are mistaken for three football players from Boulder Dam College called "The Three Horsemen". When they're made an offer they can't turn down, they agree to play. There's only one problem, none of them know how to play football!

    the stooges are the funniest group there will never be another group of people that funny ever again

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goofs:

      When Pete says to the lady, "Relax, we're all going to it", he has his hand on her shoulder, but in the next shot, his hand is to his side and he's facing away from her.

      After Moe gets up from the floor after the passer-by punched him, something falls from his jacket.

      When the passer-by says to Curly, "I haven't got a dime, it's the Depression with me," his lips don't move during the beginning of that line.

      When Larry is supposed to say "okay" as Moe keeps barking him orders, he almost says "yeah" at first.

      After Curly says, "No I shoveled it" to the lady, the lady is looking at him with a mean face, but she's smiling in the next shot.

      A sudden cut to Moe saying, "Boy, did I pick myself a double order of skunk."

      When the boys are spraying the girls with seltzer waters, Phyllis Crane just stands there and takes it, but then she realizes she's supposed to be laughing like the other girls.

      When the girls are blindfolding the Stooges, Moe says "Wait a minute n..." then his line is cut off in the cut to the next shot.

      When the bad guy punched Larry in the jaw, Larry chipped a tooth.

      Before Moe gets punched out by Joe Stacks, we see Moe with a dazed look on his face as if Stacks did something to him prior to the punch, but we don't see it.

      Curly broke his leg traveling down the dumbwater.

      After Curly and Larry tackle the referee, Larry says "How's that Moe?" but his lips aren't moving.

      When the referee turns to Moe and asks "Oh, he did eh?" if you notice, Larry has his helmet off, but in the next shot, Larry's helmet is on.

      A sloppy cut to Moe and Curly running with their arms together, with Larry behind them.

      When the Stooges huddle by themselves, Moe is bent over with his feet on the ground, but when the camera shows a closer shot of the boys, Moe's knees are on the ground, then when it goes back to the original shot, Moe's feet are on the ground again.

      After the aforementioned huddle, the boys get in position for the hike and the referee is standing behind them, but he's not anywhere near the boys in the next shot. You can see strings in the back of the boys' pants when their being shot in the behind.

      At the beginning of the football game when the Stooges are passing the ball to each other over and over, at one part, Larry throws the ball towards Curly and he's about to catch it, then the camera cuts to the next shot and the ball goes to Moe all of a sudden

    • Curly's number is simply a ? mark.

    • Moe's number is H2O2

    • Larry's number is 1/2

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Referee: Aw, get going!
      Curly: Oh, professional jealousy, eh?

    • Larry: Say, I don't know anything about this game!
      Curly: It's easy! When the pitcher pitches...
      (Moe eyepokes Curly.)

    • Larry: Wait a minute, what's that blindman's bluff?
      Moe: If it's what I think it is, we're going home!
      Curly: Not me! I'm staying!

    • Lulu: Say, you girls don't know it but these boys are all wet!
      The Stooges: Who's all wet?

    • Lulu: And what are you taking up at college?
      Moe: Oh, a dime here and...college? Oh, gold digging!
      Lulu: Oh, a miner!
      Moe: No, I'm 36. Larry's a minor. He's 44!

    • Moe: Let me have a dime for a hamburger.
      Man on street: Go on, you can get a hamburger for a nickel anyplace!
      Moe: I know but I gotta have the other nickel for a bicarbonate of soda!

    • Joe: Here we got the big game coming up Saturday, and three of my best backs go out and get plastered and land in a ditch with a car on top of them!

    • Joe: If them Tigers of mine don't knock off them Cubs of Beasley's, I'll take a running jump in the lake!
      Pete: Right. If your team loses, you drop $50,000. There won't be anything left to do but jump in the lake.

    • College Rep.: Say! Would a dollar apiece influence you guys any?
      Larry: Is it honest work?
      College Rep.: Does it make an difference?
      Stooges: No.

    • (Joe and the gang watch the Stooges play football.)
      Joe: If them guys are clowning, they'd better cut it out before I get sore!

    • (The Stooges walk in wearing some of the girl's fur coats.)
      Moe: Boy, did I pick myself a double order of skunk!
      Daisy: (pointing to Molly) She think it's ermine.

    • Larry: Will the lady with the lucky number come and get me, please?

    • Curly: Let's play Post Office!
      Woman: Oh, that's a kid's game.
      Curly: Not the way I play it.

    • Moe: Hey, where have you been!!
      Curly: You told me to go from the barber shop to the red light, didn't ya?
      Moe: And?
      Curly: Well, that red light was a bus going to Boston!

    • Lulu: What's 'amateur status'?
      Henchman: Oh, it's a big political party, toots.
      Lulu: Yeah? Are we goin' to it?
      Pete: Relax. We're all going.

    • Molly: What do you study?
      Curly: Oh, music, songwriting and whatnots.
      Woman: Songwriting?
      Curly: Yeah! You ever hear of "Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow?"
      Molly: Why yes! Do you write that?
      Curly: No, I shoveled it!

    • Man: I haven't got a dime! It's a depression with me.
      Curly: You're talking depression and me here with a gun without bullets.
      Man: A gun without bullets?
      Curly: Yeah!
      Man: You on the square about it?
      Curly: Yeah!
      (The man punches Curly and knocks him down)

  • NOTES (12)

    • Footage from this short was used in The Lady with the Torch (1999), a specialdocumentary to honor Columbia Pictures' 75th anniversary.

    • This short was the second and final Stooges film directed by Raymond McCarey.

    • The popular "post office" line would be repeated verbatim in the Stooges' later short Quiz Whizz (1958).

    • Walter Long, who plays Joe Stacks, is better remembered for his villainous roles in the D.W. Griffith silent films The Birth of a Nation (1915) and Intolerance (1916), as well as thuggish parts opposite Laurel & Hardy in several of their films. This was his only Stooges role.

    • The opening music in this film is entitled Eastmoor College March.

    • An ending scene with actors Billy Wolfstone, Joe Levine, and Alex Hirschfield playing the Stooges children was cut from the film.

    • Running time: 18 minutes 25 seconds

    • This is the first of two Stooge shorts involving a dumbwaiter, usually involving Curly accidentally destroying the floor of the elevator, causing injury to Larry and Moe. This gag is taken from Laurel and Hardy's Pack Up Your Troubles (1932).

      There was no attempt to hide the venue, Gilmore Field, as its name on the scoreboard appears in several shots. There is also a shot that includes a billboard for Gilmore Oil, including its trademark symbol, a lion.

      The title is a multiple pun, derived from "The Three Little Pigs," along with "pigskin" being a synonym for a football, and referencing the quantity of Stooges.

    • "Three Little Pigskins" marks one of Lucille Ball's earliest appearances on film. This was before she dyed her hair red. Later in her career, when this short was brought up, Lucille Ball would remark, "The only thing I learned from The Three Stooges was how to duck!"

    • Moe Howard once called Three Little Pigskins a humdinger of bangs and bruises, as it marked the first time the Stooges flatly refused to perform a stunt.

    • The game sequences were filmed at Los Angeles' Gilmore Stadium with Loyola University's football team.

    • Filming Dates: 10-25-34 thru 10-26-34  and  10-29-34 thru     10-30-34 (4 days)


    • The part where the Stooges push a stopped car down a hill to retrieve a lady's hat, and the scene where Moe and Lulu poke eachother to make one another's tongues stick out are reworked from Laurel and Hardy's silent classic We Faw Down (1928).

    • The scene where the Stooges stop in the middle of the football game to pose for a picture is identical to a scene in Wheeler & Woolsey's Hold 'em Jail (1932). Charles Dorety plays a photographer in both films.

    • The title of this episode comes from a 1933 Disney cartoon, Three Little Pigs.