The Three Stooges Show

Season 13 Episode 9

Three Little Pirates

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Dec 05, 1946 on AMC
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Episode Summary

The Stooges crash land on the island of a crooked governor and are sentenced to death. But with the help of a beautiful maiden, they may be able to outwit the Governor and his pirate gang and make it safely home.

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  • The Stooges become prisoners on a conquistador's island, but a noblewoman who wants to escape has them pose as diplomats to escape his wrath.

    "Maha? Ah Ha!" The end of an era with the mother of all Stooges routines. The epic Maha routine, which will live in the history books for millenia after out time.

    Curly, is in decent health, especially since this his second to last film as one of the Stooges. The beginning and end are mainly routine slapstick. Not amazing and distinctive, but still funny and entertaining. The pinball machine gag is memorable, but I find it more silly than funny. Vernon Dent and Christine McIntyre are great as always, and really help to make one of the last Srtooges classics very memorable.moreless
Joe Besser

Joe Besser

Joe 1955-59

Joe De Rita

Joe De Rita

Curly-Joe 1958-71

Larry Fine

Larry Fine

Larry 1925-26, 1929-71

Moe Howard

Moe Howard

Moe 1922-26, 1929-71

Shemp Howard

Shemp Howard

Shemp 1922-25, 1929-32, 1947-55

Curly Howard

Curly Howard


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The song playing in Black Louie's tavern when the Stooges arrive is Sammy Cain and Jule Styne's "Poor Little Rhode Island."

    • When Curly falls out of his chair in the governor's chamber, he woo-woos and yells at the same time. The yells are dubbed in.

    • The target drawn on the wall that the pirates throw knives at is a circle the first time we see it, but a sketch of a human in all of the remaining shots.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Moe: Let's not lose our heads.
      Curly: Yeah, let's not!

    • Black Louie: We'll have a little contest of our own, say, for fifty pieces of gold!
      Curly: No, I don't want to!
      Black Louie: What was that?
      Curly: I said soitenly, I'd be glad to!

    • Governor: Can we dispense with the formalities and make with the gifts?

    • Rita: (about Chiquita) She'd slit your throat for two dubloons.
      Moe: We've got a barber that'll do it for two bits.
      Curly: But he ain't as good-looking!

    • (Moe looks at a skull mounted on the wall.)
      Moe: If that guy don't stop staring at me, I'll knock his block off.
      Larry: Somebody beat ya to it!

    • (Rita shows the Stooges the tools hidden under their mattress.)
      Curly: Oh! No wonder the bed was all lumpy!

    • Governor: You may choose the manner in which you will die.
      Larry: Oh, that's easy. Old age!

    • Governor: I intended making galley slaves of you!
      Curly: Gee, thanks.

    • Governor: I never saw seafaring men dressed like that. I don't believe they're sailors.
      (The Stooges wolf whistle at Rita.)
      Governor: They're sailors all right!

    • (A guard shoves Moe.)
      Moe: You try that once more!
      (The guard pushes him again.)
      Moe: You're afraid to do that again!
      (The guard shoves him.)
      Moe: By golly he did it! I'm beginning to hate that guy!

    • Governor: What other rarities does the Raja have for me?
      Moe: He had some bubble gum, but I think he swallowed it.

    • Moe: Mah-ha.
      Curly: Ah-ha.
      Moe: Roesbuna yab te minea fucha timenemi haronja, that, uh, how do you say that, picklepuss, he aska taskya what idt ip bat sai you gotit?
      Curly: Nuything!
      Curly: Yusks.
      Moe: Oh, boy.

    • Governor: You have your choice. You may have your heads chopped off or you may be burned at the stake.
      Curly: We'll take burning at the stacke.
      Governor: Very well, we'll toast them Monday at sundown.
      Moe: What did you pick burning at the stake for?
      Curly: Because a hot STEAK is better than a cold chop.

    • Moe: Mah-hah?
      Curly: Ah-hah.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The Stooges had previously performed their Maha? Aha! routine in the feature film Time Out for Rhythm (1941). They would later redo it in several TV appearances and the movie The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze (1963).

    • Color behind-the-scenes footage taken with a 16mm home movie camera exists, and contains scenes of Moe and Curly in their colorful robes, as well as several supporting actors.


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