The Three Stooges Show

Season 12 Episode 1

Three Pests In a Mess

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Jan 19, 1945 on AMC
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Three Pests In a Mess
Trying to patent a new fly-catching device, the Stooges calculate that they need to catch 100,000 flies to pay for it, but nearby crooks overhear their conversation. Unfortunately, they misunderstand the conversation, thinking that the Stoogies won $100,000, and chase the Stooges to get the winnings.

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  • The Stooges are mistaken for lottery winners by gangsters, and mistakenly believe they murdered a man when they shoot a dummy while on the run.

    The premise of burying a "dead" mannequin had been around since the silent movie days, and so the Stooges were working with old gags. They still do a good job though, particularly the scenes with Snub Pollard as the night watchmen, and the tumbleweed scene. The beginning is much better, with the Stooges trying to patent their silly fly killer, and Curly being seduced by the wicked (and hot) Christine McIntyre. The bit where she keeps tearing off Curly's shirts only to discover more shirts underneath had me rolling on the floor. A frequently overlooked Stooges film, but still a good outing.moreless

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    • Moe: There's nothing to be afraid of here. Everything is dead!

    • (The Stooges describe their fly-catcher for the patent clerk.)
      Curly: It's a beautiful sight! And simple, isn't it?
      Patent office man: Very.

    • (Curly keeps throwing the "body" into a hole, while Mr. Black and his assistants keep tossing it back out.)
      Curly: (to the "body") Why don't you make up your mind, are you a yo-yo?

    • (The man in the devil suit is standing behind Moe.)
      Moe: Larry? Are you behind me? If you ain't, don't answer me.

    • Curly: Call for Philip Black! Call for Philip Black!

    • (Curly thinks he's found the "man" he shot, but it is really the night watchman in the body bag.)
      Curly: This is all your fault!
      (Curly kicks the bag. The watchman kicks back.)
      Curly: Did you kick me?
      Watchman: No.
      Curly: Well, it's a good thing you didn't because if you had...
      (Curly panics and runs away.)

    • Larry: Where's the body?
      Curly: I ain't got no body! I lost it!

    • Larry: Why can't we bury him out in the street?
      Curly: What? And have somebody run over him and kill him again?

    • Cop: (seeing the Stooges with the bag containing the "body") What are you guys up to?
      Larry: We couldn't help it!
      Moe: It was an accident, officer!
      Curly: Or a suicide!

    • (Moe accidentally dumps a pail of water on Lanie.)
      Lanie: (to the crooks) They tried to drown me! As a matter of fact, they did!

    • Lanie: I'm going to rumple your hair!
      (Lanie rubs Curly's bald head.)

    • (Moe is holding a bucket of water to use as a weapon.)
      Larry: You gonna hit him with the water?
      Moe: No, I'm gonna throw the water away and hit him with the bucket!
      (Moe stomps on Larry's foot.)

    • (A bottle of ink shatters in Moe's face, coloring his skin black.)
      Larry: Mammy!
      Moe: Pappy!
      (Moe slaps Larry.)

    • (Curly sits on Lanie's knitting needles.)
      Lanie: Oh! Look what you did to my knitting needles!
      Curly: They didn't do me any good either!

    • Lanie: Nobody loves me and I haven't any food!
      Curly: I love ya, and they'll get you some food!

    • (Moe is explaining the fly catcher.)
      Moe: You see a fly, being a nosy animal, crawls into this little hole, sees the steps, and starts climbing.
      Curly: The kitchen's on the top floor so he goes up and sees what's cooking!
      Patent office clerk: What, no elevator?
      Curly: Don't be ridiculous! How do you like this dope?

    • Patent office clerk: Well, what is it?
      Curly: What is it?
      Moe: What is it?
      Larry: What is it? (pauses) Nothing.
      Moe: Nothing.
      Curly: Nothing. See ya later!

    • I. Cheatham: Three mugs have the winning sweepstakes ticket worth $100,000.
      Lanie: Who are they?
      I. Cheatham: I don't know. Two of them are short and funny-looking and the guy that bought the ticket is fat with no hair and has two hearts tattooed on his chest! All we gotta do is find 'em.
      Lanie: And out of 50,000 fat guys you're gonna find one with two hearts tattooed on his chest.
      I. Cheatham: With your help.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Larry: (seeing Moe with an ink-coated face) Mammy!

      Larry is making a reference to singer Al Jolson, who often performed in blackface. His signature song was Mammy, which he performed in many of his films, including The Jazz Singer (1927).

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