The Three Stooges Show

Season 26 Episode 1

Triple Crossed

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Feb 02, 1959 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • The scenes of Larry and Moe talking in Larry's office are stock footage from He Cooked His Goose (1952). However, when Joe must interact with Larry in the same setting, new footage had to be filmed. It is easy to tell the two apart because the picture on the wall above Larry's filing cabinet changes and the one hanging behind his desk disappears.

    • In the original He Cooked His Goose, Mary Ainslee played the part of Belle. Ainslee did not reprise her role for this film, so the new footage of Belle is played by Connie Cezan.

    • When Moe shoots at Joe up the chimney, you can hear Shemp Howard's yell from He Cooked His Goose. In a cost-saving measure, Joe Besser's voice was not dubbed over Shemp's for authenticity.

    • In the beginning of the episode, when Millie says "I have a date with Joe", you cansee her mouth saying "Shemp" instead of Joe. Joe's name was dubbed over.

  • Quotes

    • Moe: (pointing a gun at Joe) So, you're the triple-crosser who's trying to ruin my home, huh? I'll get you!

    • Larry: (dialing a number on the phone) What a long prefix!

    • (Joe unwittingly becomes Larry's fall guy.)
      Joe: Gee Larry, I'll never forget you for this.
      Larry: I'm sure you won't.

    • Millie: Never mind, you can take me out for a turkey dinner.
      Joe: Well, uh...
      (Joe turns out his empty pockets.)
      Millie: I forgot you're out of a job. We'll eat here.

    • (Joe destroys a shelf full of Millie's dishes while trying to shoot a turkey.)
      Joe: The barrel must've been bent!

    • Larry: Hey Millie, how about having dinner with me tonight?
      Millie: I have a date with Joe. You know we're engaged.
      Larry: You're a sucker Millie, you know he's not true to you! He's a playboy!

    • (Moe pulls Joe's Santa beard off.)
      Millie: Joe!
      Joe: Oh, you snitch!

    • (Joe is modelling an undergarment.)
      Joe: Any man would like this! You can wear it for a sun suit, underwear, or any-where!

    • (Moe is pulling Larry's hair out as he calls him names.)
      Moe: You snake in the grass! You skunk! You...
      Larry: Philanderer?
      Moe: I can't say philanderer. You mixed me up!

    • (Moe and Joe are about to beat up Larry.)
      Millie: Stop! Don't hit him!
      Larry: Thanks.
      Millie: Let me do it.
      (Millie hits Larry and knocks him out.)

    • Joe: You see, I'm no playboy...I think.
      (Joe winks at the camera.)

    • (Millie admires a turkey that Joe has brought home from a hunting trip.)
      Millie: Now no fibs, Joey. How many shots?
      Joe: None.
      Millie: None?
      Joe: Hit it with my car.

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