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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Three Little Pigskins

  • Goofs:

    When Pete says to the lady, "Relax, we're all going to it", he has his hand on her shoulder, but in the next shot, his hand is to his side and he's facing away from her.

    After Moe gets up from the floor after the passer-by punched him, something falls from his jacket.

    When the passer-by says to Curly, "I haven't got a dime, it's the Depression with me," his lips don't move during the beginning of that line.

    When Larry is supposed to say "okay" as Moe keeps barking him orders, he almost says "yeah" at first.

    After Curly says, "No I shoveled it" to the lady, the lady is looking at him with a mean face, but she's smiling in the next shot.

    A sudden cut to Moe saying, "Boy, did I pick myself a double order of skunk."

    When the boys are spraying the girls with seltzer waters, Phyllis Crane just stands there and takes it, but then she realizes she's supposed to be laughing like the other girls.

    When the girls are blindfolding the Stooges, Moe says "Wait a minute n..." then his line is cut off in the cut to the next shot.

    When the bad guy punched Larry in the jaw, Larry chipped a tooth.

    Before Moe gets punched out by Joe Stacks, we see Moe with a dazed look on his face as if Stacks did something to him prior to the punch, but we don't see it.

    Curly broke his leg traveling down the dumbwater.

    After Curly and Larry tackle the referee, Larry says "How's that Moe?" but his lips aren't moving.

    When the referee turns to Moe and asks "Oh, he did eh?" if you notice, Larry has his helmet off, but in the next shot, Larry's helmet is on.

    A sloppy cut to Moe and Curly running with their arms together, with Larry behind them.

    When the Stooges huddle by themselves, Moe is bent over with his feet on the ground, but when the camera shows a closer shot of the boys, Moe's knees are on the ground, then when it goes back to the original shot, Moe's feet are on the ground again.

    After the aforementioned huddle, the boys get in position for the hike and the referee is standing behind them, but he's not anywhere near the boys in the next shot. You can see strings in the back of the boys' pants when their being shot in the behind.

    At the beginning of the football game when the Stooges are passing the ball to each other over and over, at one part, Larry throws the ball towards Curly and he's about to catch it, then the camera cuts to the next shot and the ball goes to Moe all of a sudden

  • Curly's number is simply a ? mark.

  • Moe's number is H2O2

  • Larry's number is 1/2

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Men In Black

  • Goofs:

    As the people are clearing out of the hallway as Moe and Larry rush them out, it cuts to the next shot, and all the people are gone suddenly.

    When Moe gets off the horse, he accidentally kicks Larry in the back.

    After the Stooges all say "My girl" at the same time, Larry looks at Moe, but in the next shot, he's looking at Curly.

    When Dr. Graves is ordering the Stooges to go to room 81, Larry is standing still, right beside Graves, then in the next shot, he's already halfway outside the door.

    When the janitor sees the Stooges rushing towards Dr. Graves' office, he kindly shatters the glass on the door to let the boys jump through. Moe and Larry jump through, but Curly instead begins to open the doorknob like his usual brainless self, then there is a sudden cut to the interior shot of the office and Curly is already inside the room.

    When Moe sees the doctor's stethoscope, he says "Gimme that s...that thing there." It sounds like he almost said "stethoscope" but remembered that he was actually just supposed to refer to it as "that thing".

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Punch Drunks

  • A freeze frame is used when we first see McGurn lying unconscious on the ceiling fan.

  • The song that Larry attempts to play on his violin when he first enters the restaurant is Johann Strauss' Blue Danube Waltz.

  • Goofs:

    In the beginning when the camera zooms into Moe while he's talking, his hands are empty, but in the next shot, he has a fork in his hand.

    You can hear the sound effect of one of the mugs punching Curly before it even happens.

    When Moe and Curly are helping Larry out of the water, Larry's violin is floating on the water, but in the next shot, it's in his hand.

    The man who fell off the back of the truck when Larry drove it off broke his arm.

    When Larry has a radio on his head and crashes into the wall, the radio is placed on his head differently than it was in the previous shot.

    At the end, we see various other bodies scattered across the ring next to Killer, but we never saw Curly knock them out.

    In the stock crowd footage used for the boxing scenes, two men in the audience can be seen flipping the bird by holding up their middle fingers. This happens relatively early on in the match.

    During the fight, when Larry is seen running down the street, a voice can be heard in the distance saying, "Run! All the way!" This happens twice in the film.

    Larry's running down the street is sped up for comic effect, with post-production sounds of rapid footsteps added. His frantic driving of the van, with its speakers booming out "Pop Goes the Weasel" (the same recording as on the radio earlier), is also sped up.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Woman Haters

  • As the train conductor walks off-camera after talking to Moe and Curly, he stumbles over something and almost falls down.

  • Goofs:

    Moe's jacket is buttoned in the part where the Stooges are fighting at the beginning, but in the next shot, his jacket is unbuttoned.

    When Larry is singing to Marjorie White, in one part when he sings "And when I'm finished with my grooming", Marjorie White almost sings it along with him when she wasn't supposed to.

    Right before the scene cuts to Curly doing his funny walk down the hallway, Marjorie White looks like she's about to say something.

    Larry broke his finger when tumbling out of the berth with the other Stooges.

    In the scene where Marjorie White is trying to hide Curly, she throws her hat up to the top berth, but it accidentally falls back down and she has to throw it up again.

    When the camera pans over to Moe and Curly as old men, you can see as shadow of a mircrophone in the background.

    At the end while Larry is singing "My life, my love, my all", you can see Moe elbow Curly to let him know that another hit is coming.

    You can see a scar on Larry's nose throughout the whole short.

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