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  • Season 10 Episode 10: A Gem of a Jam

  • The first time Curly opens his mouth to spray water on Moe, the sounds of the machine that sprayed the water can be heard.

  • When Moe and Larry are backing towards a plaster-covered Curly, a film cut is clearly visible at one point, as Moe quickly changes position.

  • Season 10 Episode 9: Phony Express

  • The piano music that plays in the background during the saloon scenes is a medley of several classic tunes, including Turkey in the Straw, De Camptown Races, and Oh! Susanna.

  • Water stains can be seen on Moe even before he is sprayed by Sheriff Hogwaller's bottle of medicine.

  • A cord can be seen pulling the editor's toupee when it is shot off.

  • A band-aid is visible on the back of Curly's neck in some scenes.

  • Season 10 Episode 8: Dizzy Pilots

  • At one point while the Stooges plane is zooming around like crazy, another biplane passes by with smoke trailing behind. This scene is probably stock footage from an airshow.

  • Wires can be seen pulling Moe as the propeller sends him flying.

  • Curly turns the vice the same way to both loosen and tighten it, something that it impossible in reality.

  • Goofs:

    A short cut in Curly's position when Moe's fighting with him over the tub.

    Many of Moe's yells when he's floating in the air are obviously dubbed in.

    After Curly fires the shotgun in the air, he accidentally backs his elbow into Larry's chest. Afterwards, they show a shot of Moe falling in the well, and when it cuts back, Larry has a cigar in his mouth that he didn't have before.

    Curly gets something in his mouth when Larry says, "Hey, you two guys goin' steady?"

    Watch Curly throw out the airplane's gearshift, while the trio is in mid-air. You will hear it hit the studio floor.

    When reading the letter aloud at the beginning, Moe says "proved" when the letter says "proven".

    After Moe falls in the well, it cuts to the next scene with the Stooges back in the garage and Moe's wearing the same jumpsuit he wears at the beginning of the short. But earlier in the film, Moe had the suit covered with melted rubber, inflated with gas, and he left it floating mid- air after he got blown out of it, so how'd he get back into the same suit?

    When Moe tries to strangle Curly after his "King's english" comment, he's supposed to say "Shut up!" but Curly says it along with him for some reason. When Moe gets lifted up by the propeller, you can see the string that pulls him up.

    When Larry hands Moe a cigar, it's in his left hand at first, but it's in his right hand suddenly in the next shot

  • Season 10 Episode 7: I Can Hardly Wait

  • Goofs:

    When Moe focuses the flashlight on Larry, you can tell that the light is really a spotlight in the background, especially since we can hear the spotlight in the background click when it comes on.

    When Moe and Curly are breaking into the safe, Curly says "Hey" and in the next shot, Curly is rubbing his face as if Moe hit him, but we don't see it.

    When Moe is pretending to play his bread like an accordion, Moe make a mean grin, but when the camera shows a close-up of Moe, he's making a mean frown, then when it goes back to the original shot, he's making a mean grin again.

    When Larry yells to Curly, "Be quiet and go to sleep!" he's really yelling something else.

    When Larry says, "We gotta get that tooth out or we'll never get to sleep", Moe hand is on his chin but it wasn't in the previous shot.

    When the dynamite stick that Curly throws lands in Moe's pants, you can see a string on his pants.

    After Moe double-slaps Curly and Larry for yodeling, Larry accidentally elbows the tea kettle and almost knocks it over.

    When Moe tells Curly to clean the ham, you can see the ham is sort of falling apart, but then after Curly washes it, it is obviously not the same piece of ham.

    At the beginning of Curly's dream, when Curly falls out of the top of the bunk bed, the use stunt doubles for all the Stooges. The Curly double is supposed to fall on Larry and Moe's doubles and pull them to the floor, but you can see the Moe double actually roll out of the bed before the Curly double reaches him.

    When Moe says "Lemme see" and looks in Curly's mouth, you can see Larry behind Moe, climbing out of his bunk bed. Then the camera cuts to a closer shot of Curly and Moe, and Larry is suddenly gone.

    When Moe slaps Larry for his "How is he; pretty heavy?" comment, Larry is standing next to Moe, but he's suddenly standing behind him in the next shot.

    When Moe drags Curly off-camera by a string tied to his bad tooth, Curly is crouching forward and howling in pain, but in the next shot, he's standing up straight and smiling.

    When Moe is about to push the door tied to Curly's tooth shut, the string on Curly's tooth is straight, but in the next shot, it's suddenly bent down in the middle.

    After Curly cries "My sweet little, cute little, adorable little, sweet little bushy-wushy tooth!", Moe almost cracks up and he puts his hand over his mouth to hide his near-laughter.

    After Curly throws the dynamite into Moe's pants, he cover his face in anticipation of it going off, but he looks back too early and it goes off while he's looking straight at it.

    At the beginning of the shot where Moe says to Curly, "You're a coward!", Curly is pointing his left index finger at Moe, but he wasn't in the previous shot.

    As Dr. Yank approaches Moe's mouth to extract the tooth, you can see Moe open his mouth by himself, but he was supposed to be knocked out.

  • Season 10 Episode 6: Higher Than a Kite

  • Goofs: A jump cut in the picture when Kelly's car runs the Stooges over.

    Right before the engine blows soot in Moe's eyes, you can see Moe's eyes already blackened.

    When Moe pokes Curly in the eyes, the sound effects men added in a honking noise instead of a ukulele plunk.

    After Curly uses the forked end of the crowbar to get Moe out of the pipe, Curly uses the other straight end of the crowbar. Then the camera shows Moe yelling as the crowbar keeps hitting him on the face, then it shows Curly and Larry yanking the crowbar, and when it shows Moe again, the forked end of the crowbar is pressing up against his face!

    When Larry and Curly try to heat off the pipe on Moe's head, Moe has his hands on the pipe, but in the next shot his hands aren't on the pipe, then when it goes back to the original shot, Moe's hands are on the pipe again.

    When Curly and Larry twist Moe out of the pipe, they twist him towards the right of the pipe, but when the camera shows a close up of Moe's head in the pipe, he's being turned towards the left all of a sudden.

    When Larry says, "Maybe they're droppin' the pipe in the ditch" Curly mouths that line.

    When Larry "lifts" the car hood off of Curly's arms, you can see the string that lifts it.

    Curly is trying to bite open the hand grenade, then it cuts to the next shot and the pin is suddenly pulled out of the grenade.

    When Marshall Boring comes riding into town on his bicycle, he stumbles and accidentally elbows Bommel in thecrotch.

    When the Stooges land inside of the German house, Larry climbs out of the hole and accidentally crushes Moe's face. Moe grunts, "I'll moider you when I get out of this!" Then it cuts to the next shot, and Moe is suddenly out of the hole before Larry.

    When Moe looks in the exhaust pipe, his hat is on. Then the camera shows a quick shot of Curly stepping on the gas in the car, and when it cuts back to Moe, his hat is suddenly gone.

    When Kelly walks up to the car, the window on the passenger's door is closed, but when Kelly gets in the car, the window is suddenly open.

  • Season 10 Episode 5: Three Little Twirps

  • At the beginning of the film, the poster that the Stooges are taking down is an ad for the movie The Man Who Returned to Life.

  • Goofs: When Curly takes off his jacket during the "Bearded Lady" scene, he has on a short sleeved shirt with suspenders, but in the next scene where Curly and Larry hide in a horse costume, Curly's wearing a long-sleeved shirt with suspenders. But when the camera shows Curly and Larry inside the horse costume, Curly is wearing a short sleeved shirt with no suspenders.

    Curly's eye looks swollen after the butcher faints.

    When the rope ties around the Stooges' necks, it gets caught on Curly's hat.

    When Curly takes out the spear that's hanging above his head, he accidentally takes his hat too, which is snagged on to the spear.

    You can see the strings holding Curly's stunt double when he's walking on the tightrope.

    When Mr. Herman arrives in his car, he looks over at the Stooges and notices the big hole in the middle of the poster they're hanging up, and he gets mad. Then the camera shows the Stooges putting up a new poster fast, and when Mr. Herman walks up a minute later, he looks at the new poster and says "Looks pretty good boys!"

    When Curly is supposed to accidentally hit Larry and Moe behind him with hammers, he clearly misses Larry yet Larry still reacts as if he was hit.

    When Curly is climbing up the pole, you can hear the Sultan laughing off-screen, but when the camera cuts to him, his mouth isn't moving.

    After Curly throws and impales the Sultan in the butt with a spear, the Sultan's necklace is not around his neck, but when he chases Curly, the Sultan's necklace is back around his neck.

  • Season 10 Episode 4: Back From the Front

  • When the Stooges first climb the net to get into the Nazi ship, their little dog jumps from Curly's shoulders. In the next shot, as the Stooges land on the deck, the dog is back on Curly's shoulders and jumps off again.

  • Although Moe knocks out a Nazi wearing a helmet instead of a sailor's cap, he has a cap like Larry and Curly just a few moments later.

  • When we first see the Stooges on the wreckage of their ship, Moe has a pair of binoculars. The binoculars vanish in the next shot of the Stooges.

  • The opening credits say "Produced and Directed Jules White" instead of "Produced and Directed by Jules White."

  • Just after the Stooges knock out the second Nazi sailor, Moe races over to the wall to put up another tally mark. But for some reason, there are three tallies there, although we only saw the Stooges take down two enemies.

  • Just before Moe drops the metal fence on the Nazi officers struggling in the water, he is supposed to exclaim "Why, you Ratzies!", but he almost says "Nazis" by mistake and is forced to correct himself quickly.

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