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  • Season 2 Episode 7: Three Little Beers

  • The huge tower of beer barrels in the back of the Stooges' truck is obviously one solid entity. All of the barrels rock in unison whenever Curly moves.

  • The entry blank for the golf tournament tells us the contest will take place on Sunday, December 19th, 1935. That is almost a month after this short's release date.

  • In the final scenes where the stooges are driving their beer delivery truck uphill they lose several kegs of beer and start chasing after them. It's obvious that stunt doubles were used for these scenes.

  • Goofs:

    When Moe is raising the beer barrel up to Curly on a rope, I think you can hear the director shouting in the background.

    When the truck stops at the golf course, Curly's hat accidentally falls off.

    A visible jump in the picture before each Stooge holds a "press" button to the camera.

    You can see a string on the hat top when it falls in the hole.

    When Curly leans his golf club over the ball washer, it accidentally falls down, but it's back up in the next shot.

    When one of the Italian men is yelling at Larry, at first, he has his hat on, but it's off in the next shot. Likewise, there's a cut in the following scene where the other Italian gardener is yelling at Moe. After Moe says "The pieces are getting smaller, see?" the gardener says "Yes" then it suddenly cuts to him yelling he's going to call the police.

    When the foreign gardners are complaining to the cops about the Stooges, the camera cuts over to the Stooges and they're over by the golf ball washer and they're helping Curly put back on his clothes, but they weren't by the golf ball washer in the previous shots, and Curly's clothes was already on.

    When Curly cries "Hey, we lost a barrel!!" the truck is still driving. Then the camera cuts to a quick shot of the barrels running downhill, and when it cuts back to the Stooges, the truck is suddenly stopped and Moe and Larry are already out of the truck.

    When the cop gets knocked over by a barrel, he gets up from the ground, but in the next shot, he's laying back down and he gets up again.

    You can see the string holding up Moe when he's standing on top of the barrel.

    When we see the barrels rolling down the hill, they show a hill looking down that looks like a one-way street. But in the next scene, we see a wider street with train tracks down the middle.

    When the barrels are rolling down the hill, the cop directing traffic lifts his leg up before he falls over. This is because the barrels were being pulled by strings, and he was standing on a string.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Hoi Polloi

  • The amount of shaving cream on Curly's face changes from shot to shot as he sits with the Duchess.

  • When Moe is getting all the cans dumped on him, he has his hat on, then the camera shows Curly and Larry briefly and when it goes back to Moe, his hat is off.

    When the two professors walk out of the restaurant, Professor Nichols says that they'll call a taxi for them, but after they decide to reform the Stooges, Professor Rich says, "There's my car, climb into it!"

    At the beginning of the table etiquette scene, Professor Rich says "Well, we'll uh..." then it suddenly cuts to Curly pouring nonexistent gravy on his imaginary potatoes. After Curly pours gravy on his potatoes, he puts the gravy bowl down, but in the next shot, he's still pouring gravy.

    At the end of the dancing lesson scene, as the Stooges and their teacher jump out of the window, Curly's stunt double has a full head of hair. Not only that, but the shot of the four of them landing in the water obviously uses dummies. When Curly responds "Why soitenly not!" to Moe when asked if he took the champagne bottle, he almost says "soitenly" at first.

    After Curly sprays the Duchess with the champagne bottle, the camera shows a close up of Moe and Curly and you can see Larry in the background, then the camera shows another angle shot and Larry's in a completely different position.

    You can see the string tied to the spring on Curly's behind.

    When Professor Rich pokes the man next to him in the eye, it cuts to the next shot and the man is holding his face as if he was slapped but we don't see it.

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Pardon My Scotch

  • When Mr. Martin, Mrs. Walton, and Curly fall to the floor and pull the tablecloth down with them, two butlers race over to help them up. The camera then cuts to Mr. Walton coming through the door, and one of the aforementioned butlers is suddenly standing next to him and taking his hat.

  • Goofs:

    You can see the string that pulls the table in half when Moe falls off through it.

    After Moe yells "Get a saw" it suddenly cuts to Curly with the saw in his hand (he couldn't have gotten it that fast) and his hat is off while it was on in the previous shot.

    When the boys are mixing the formula, it begins to bubble at first, then the camera cuts to a closer shot of the formula and the bubbles are gone.

    After Mr. Martin takes a sip of his drink, his hat flies off and he has a look of shock on his face and he begins to shake his head, but in the next shot, he has the same look of shock on his face again, then he shakes his head again.

    When the Stooges arrive at the party dressed as Scotsmen, in the background, one of the men blowing the bagpipes accidentally drops the pipe in his mouth, but in the next shot, it's back in his mouth.

    When the Stooges are dancing away, Larry's kilt accidentally falls down. He quickly pulls it up, but in the next scene where the Stooges bump into each other, it falls down again.

    Near the end when the Stooges bring out their barrel of scotch, we see Mr. Walton yelling and everybody trying to calm him, but we don't see what he's yelling about.

    When the Stooges are talking to Mr. Martin at the counter, Moe bops Curly in the head during one part and after Curly runs his hand over his hat in anger, the top of his hat sticks straight up in this weird way. Moe notices this and almost starts laughing

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Uncivil Warriors

  • The songs that play over the opening credits are several Civil War standards, such as Dixie, John Brown's Body, and The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

  • Goofs:

    When the general asks the Stooges if they remember their names, somebody chokes on their cigar smoke.

    After Curly kisses the girl's hand, Moe bops him on the head and he holds his head in pain, but in the next shot, Curly's not holding his head.

    Buttz begins to fill the glasses, then the camera cuts to a quick close-up of Major Filburt, and when it cuts back to the original shot, the glasses are all filled suddenly.

    Moe loses track of the baby's gender several times. He goes from saying "He was walking down the railroad" to "And I was with her."

    After the Stooges jet out of the house when their identies are revealed, you can see Major Filburt running out of the house after them, then the camera shows the Stooges running in the woods, and when it cuts back to the original shot, Filburt runs out of the house again.

    You can see a string pulling the cannon when the soldiers lift it.

  • The short concludes with an episode in which Larry and Curly disguise themselves as, respectively, Captain Dodge's father and wife. This leads to a controversial gag in which Colonel Butts inquires about Captain Dodge's baby. Moe runs off and brings in a swaddled infant, which is revealed to be black, thus giving away the Stooges' charade. Although the gag is quite innocent, especially in comparison with other race-based humor of the era, it was nevertheless often cut or severely edited in broadcast prints.

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Pop Goes the Easel

  • Goofs:

    After the man says "I wouldn't worry about it. It still tastes the same", he and Curly both look off screen strangely at something, but it cuts to the next scene before we can see what they were looking at.

    When Moe is asking Larry and Curly if they found a job, Moe's tie accidentally falls off.

    When the Stooges are running through buckets, Moe slips on the last bucket.

    A cut in the picture when the Stooges trip the cop with a broom.

    A cut in the picture when Curly slaps the french artist across the face.

    After Moe says "The heel has no sole" Curly lifts his leg and he knocks something down by accident.

    When Larry asks "How are we gonna get outta here without ruinin' this paint job?" if you notice, the door behind the Stooges is not painted, then the camera shows the detective opening the door from outside and when it shows the Stooges again, the door behind them is suddenly painted.

    After the detective wipes the paint off his face, he starts looking for the Stooges and he almost slips on the floor.

    When the Stooges are dressed as women, Curly talks in a femine voice, but when he introduces Larry as his sister, Crumette, he accidentally speaks in his normal voice.

    When Curly throws a blob of clay, it cuts to the next shot and we see it hit the model. Something must've been cut in between those two parts because the model was right behind the Stooges when the clay was thrown, and Curly didn't throw the clay toward the'd it hit her?

    After the Stooges, while dressed as women, run away from the detective, the camera shows a brief scene with Prof. Fuller speaking to a lady, and when it goes back to the Stooges, they have their original artist robes back on all of a sudden.

    During the clay fight, a wet stain on the front of Curly's artist robe suddenly appears, but we never see anybody actually hit him there with clay.

    When Curly comes from behind the curtains dressed up as a woman, the detective has a cigar in his mouth, but it's suddenly gone in the next shot.

    After the Stooges run across the freshly painted floor to get away from the detective, they dash into a wardrobe but they don't leave any wet paint footprints on the floor.

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Restless Knights

  • After Moe and Larry hit the Queen with their wooden clubs, they both drop their broken clubs. In the next shot of Moe and Larry, they are both suddenly holding clubs again.

  • After the Stooges are defeated by the swordsmen, their swords are lying discarded on the ground. When Curly turns around to face the last soldier, the swords have disappeared.

  • As the Stooges' father slaps all three of them for their misbehavior, look closely, and you will find the father put Larry's candle out at the same time.

  • Goofs:

    At the beginning when the boys show up from under the bed, Curly's hat looks like it's going to fall off, but in the next shot it's on correctly.

    When Moe says "Okay, pop, spill the porridge", the boys have excited smiles on their faces, but in the next shot, the boys have worried looks on their faces.

    In the part where the queen shows up and sits on her throne, we see a man walking up to her with his hat on, but in the next shot, he is already standing in front of her and his hat is off.

    After the guard tell the boys "The royal wrestlers await" it cuts to the wrestlers and in the background, the Stooges are lying down in front of the queen's throne which they weren't before.

    When the Stooges salute the queen, Larry almost forgets and salutes a little too late.

    A lot of strange cuts during the wrestling scene.

    After the guard announces that the queen is missing, Moe and Curly run down the stairs and they both trip.

    After the boys escape their execution, they stop running and if you notice, Moe is standing closest to the left side of the screen, with Larry in the middle and Curly on the right end, then the camera shows a hand from above dropping a jug and when it goes back to the Stooges, Curly is to the left of the camera and he is bending over for some reason.

    When the Stooges run inside the palace, they stop when they see the guards' shadows and in the next shot, the Stooges are standing in different positions and Moe is looking at Curly as if he said something.

    When Curly elbows Larry on the head, Larry holds his head in pain, but in the next shot, his hands are suddenly on the ground.

    When Curly goes back to one of the guards to snap his finger at him, he accidentally slips and falls on the ground.

    When the Stooges sword fight the guards, Curly holds the sword by the bottom of the blade and not the hilt.

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Horses' Collars

  • Accoding to its sign, Double Deal's Five D Delight is a saloon that boasts Dice, Dames, Dancing, Drinking, and Dunking.

  • The photograph of Mrs. Zeke is a picture of actress Tiny Jones, who would appear with the Stooges the following year in Disorder in the Court.

  • Goofs:

    When the Stooges are looking at the picture of the detective's wife, Curly has a pipe in his right hand, but in the next shot it's in his left hand.

    Although Curly only shoves Hyden Zeke into the wall, Zeke somehow gets a black eye. Not only that, but a bandage appears on his face just moments after he reapproaches Curly, even though we never saw him put it on. After Decker shoots the two cowboys who won't pay for their drinks, the bartender goes to a chalk board that says "Decker: 115 - Opponents: 0" then he erases the "5" in 115 and puts in a 7 making it 117. However, a while later in the film when the boys asks the bartender for drink, the camera shows the bartender and behind him, you'll notice on the chalkboard, the 117 is back to 115.

    When Curly asks for the bottle, the bartender places the bottle next to Curly, but in the next shot it's next to Moe.

    When the camera shows a close-up of Decker as the Stooges are dusting each other off, he is looking at the boys, but in the next shot, he's looking at Lobo.

    When the Stooges bow down to Nell, Moe bops Curly on the head, then it suddenly cuts to Larry holding his face in disgust, and Moe looking at him with a mean look as if he hit him. Curly and Moe are staring at the coin that Decker shot a hole through, then it cuts to the next shot and Curly and Moe are suddenly looking at Decker. When Moe asks "Got a $5 gold piece?" Curly's shirt is unbuttoned, but it's buttoned in the next shot.

    When Nelle is talking to the boys, she says "If you gentlemen don't get that I O U for me, I'll lose my ranch and..." then it cuts to Larry trying to comfort her and she it wiping her tears with a hanky, which she did not have in the shot before.

    After Larry says, "Don't let 'em go to your head" to Curly, Moe looks at Larry, then in the next shot, he's suddenly looking at Decker.

    You can see the strings holding Moe and Larry up when their being hung.

    When the ropes that Larry and Moe are tied to break, in the background you can see Decker with a drum busted over his head, yet no explanation of how that happened.

    After Decker says "Theives, huh?", you can hear an echo of that line.

    In between Curly's line "Did ya hear that tumbler click?" and Moe's response "Good work", there is a strange mute in the soundtrack.

    When Moe says "Take it easy, Butterfingers" and pokes Curly in the eyes, it looks like he really pokes his fingers into Curly's eyes as opposed to poking his eyebrows like it's normally done, yet Curly showed no signs of pain.

    When the Stooges are put up on the table to be hanged, the ropes hang off to the left of the scene. Then the camera shows Lobo looking over his right shoulder as he ties the ends of the ropes to the banister of the staircase which is to the right. Then we go back to the Stooges and the ropes are hanging off to the left. Then a little later when the camera shows a close-up of the banister breaking, it is again to the right.

  • When Curly mistakes a radio for a safe, the radio announcer mentions "You're listening to WGN". WGN is a real radio station (720 AM) as well as a television station (Channel 9) in Chicago. In reality, stations like that only traveled for hundreds of miles and could not be picked up in California.

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