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  • Season 3 Episode 8: Slippery Silks

  • The version of "Listen to the Mockingbird" that plays over the "The End" title card is unique to this film. It contains no bird sounds and has a different end note.

  • In the first shot of Mrs. Morgan spinning wildly on the pedestal, it is quite obviously a stunt double and not actress Symona Boniface.

  • Goofs:

    When the camera first shows Larry, he has four brushes in his mouth, but he only has two brushes in his mouth in the next shot.

    When the Stooges see the cops headed towards their store, they all spread out and a wooden board on the floor flies up and hits Larry on the leg.

    After the wooden plank hits Mr. Romani on the head, Larry is about to pick up the board, then in the next shot, he's already in the back putting the board away.

    You can see a board in the seat of Curly's pants when Moe and Larry are pulling the roofing nails out of his butt.

    After Larry knocks the Chinese Cabinet in the air, it cuts to Moe and Curly and Curly's holding his head as if he was hit by Moe, but we don't see it.

    You can see a string on the paint bucket when Larry knocks it over.

    A cut in the picture when Moe and Larry are tackled to the ground.

    When the boys walk in their gown shop, they huddle, then walk up to the three ladies as if they're going to do or say something to them, and Larry takes his hat off, but in the next shot, the boys aren't doing anything to the girls and Larry's hat is back on.

    After Moe grabs Curly away by the "hair" Curly walks away from Moe's grip and he looks like he's going to walk up to the ladies, but it cuts to the next scene before we see what happens.

    When Moe asks the lady what's wrong with her dress, the lady is looking down, but in the next shot, she's looking at Moe.

    You can see the stagehand that throws the cream-puff at Mrs. Morgan.

    After Mr. Morgan yells "My cabinet!", he runs up to Moe and starts choking him. Then there's an abrupt cut to Moe and Larry stepping outside of the building. We don't see how Moe got away from Mr. Morgan.

    When Larry says to Moe "Very artistic", his hands are in front of him and he's holding scissors, but in the next shot, his hands are suddenly behind him and Moe is now holding his pair of scissors.

  • Season 3 Episode 7: Whoops I'm an Indian!

  • Goofs:

    A jump in the picture when Curly fires his rifle underwater.

    When Pierre tries to open the door, his hand slips from the doorknob at first.

    When the sherrif says "Three sets of footprints, maybe they're in the cabin," his lips aren't moving.

    When the lantern falls and smashes on Pierre's head, he falls to the ground and his hat falls off, but his hat's back on in the next shot.

    The Stooges are silent when they walk in the bar and say "How!" several times.

    After Pierre forces Moe and Larry to dance, it cuts to Curly and when it goes back to other shot, Pierre is holding his face as if Moe or Larry hit him but we don't see it.

    As the camera dissolves to the beginning of the wedding scene, we can see Curly at the end of saying something, but we don't hear what he's saying or see the beginning of it.

  • Season 3 Episode 6: False Alarms

  • Goofs:

    When Moe yells, "Must be a fire!" he has soap in his hair, but when he steps out of the shower, the soap is gone.

    When Curly falls down the firepole, they use a stuntman. The stuntman lands on top of Moe and his hat falls off, but when Curly takes over the place of the stuntman in the next shot, his hat is still on, then it falls back off again.

    When Moe splashes the captain's suit with water, his suit is all wet, but it's completely dry when the Stooges run up to him.

    After Moe punches Larry in the stomach to wake him up, Larry chokes on his own breath for a second.

    When Curly says, "The boithday cake!" his lips don't move.

    When Moe and Larry arrive in the captain's car at the fire, Larry gets out of the car before Moe and asks Curly, "What's the matter?" In the next shot, Moe gets out of the car, and following him is Larry getting out of the car again!!!

    When Moe is helping the fat lady out of the car ("Help me with this MIDGET, will ya?"), the fat lady accidentally kicks the lady behind her in the jaw.

    When the people in the fire station run out of the place after the car crashes inside, the chief is amongst those people, but in the next shot, he's suddenly in the firetruck, yelling "That's my car!!"

    After the Stooges push the captain's car off the sidewalk, they fall over, and you can see that they are in front of the Max Factor building, with the Remington Rand building just behind them. In that shot there is no truck parked near the sidewalk, however, when the captain's car drives into the truck, you can see just shortly afterwards that the truck is in front of the Rand building. Also the Stooges run forwards towards the truck to shut the car in, even though just previously, they were actually in front of the truck.

  • Season 3 Episode 5: A Pain in the Pullman

  • Goofs:

    When Paul Pain mutters, "Get off of me!" to the monkey, his lips aren't moving.

    When Curly cracks, "Oh, a baldheaded heartthrob," Pain's roomate is laughing along with the Stooges, but she isn't laughing in the next shot.

    When Larry says "Hey, hock a chynick (?) for me too, will ya," he's really saying something else.

    A jump in the picture when the landlady realizes the Stooges fooled her.

    When the Stooges knock the ladder from under the carpenter, we hear him yell, "HEY! HEY!!!" but he's really saying something else.

    After Curly coughs up some crab bits, the lady next to him breaks character and laughs for a moment.

    Curly accidentally backs into the wall after saying, "Oh, a cheapie, huh?"

    After Curly kisses the sleeping woman, she wakes up and is about to slap Curly, but we don't see her slap Curly until Johnson walks in.

    When Curly says "I thought she wanted to play post office," his lips aren't moving.

    When Moe picks up Larry from the floor by the hair, Larry looks like that really hurt. Also, his shoe wasn't supposed to fall off like that, but he made a good ad-lib. When the Stooges are about to be thrown off the train, you can hear all of them yell, yet none of them are really yelling.

    When the Stooges are riding on the bulls at the end, you can see a moving shadow in the bushes.

    During the crab-eating scene, in real life, Moe had some difficulty in getting himself to eat the crab pieces. You can even tell by looking at his facial expressions during the scene that he didn't want to do it.

    One of the times Larry is pulled down from the berth, they use a stunt double for him and it's obvious by the big part in the middle of the double's hair that he's not Larry.

    Curly cut his mouth in real life while chewing on one of the crab pieces.

  • Season 3 Episode 4: Disorder in the Court

  • The song that the Stooges play for Gale's dance routine is Push 'em Up by Howard Jackson.

  • An obvious stunt double for Curly is sitting in the witness chair when it falls over.

    Just before the pistol presented in evidence first shoots a bullet, you can see Curly cringe in anticipation of the discharge, even though he was supposed to be taken by surprise.

    At one point during the "Take off your hat" routine, when Curly puts the hat back on his head, it almost falls off.

    When Gail reveals the skimpy bathing suit she has on under her clothes, in the background, you can see the court clerk quickly looking at Gail then looking down, then looking back up again in shock. The camera then shows a close up of him and he does the whole double take all over again.

    When the prosecutor asks "What were they arguing about?" off-screen, Curly's hands are higher than they were in the previous shot.

    You can see the string that pulls the letter press handle. The film has obviously been cut right before Curly fires the gun above Larry's head.

    A jump in the picture when Larry pulls the gum off of Moe's nose.

    When Larry cries, "Oh, my Stradivarius!" his lips aren't moving.

    At the end, when the photographer runs up to the Stooges and Gail Tempest, Gail is standing beside the Stooges and she has her hat on. In the next shot, she's suddenly standing behind the Stooges and her hat is gone.

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Half-Shot Shooters

  • Goofs:

    When the camera shows the Stooges sleeping, Moe is in the middle faced skyward with Larry and Curly on opposite sides facing him, but in the next shot, all of the Stooges are faced towards the right.

    After Moe pokes Curly in the eyes, Moe turns away from him but in the next shot, he's still looking at him.

    When MacGillicuddy bonks Larry and Moe's heads together, Larry's hat falls off, but in the next shot, Larry's hat is back on. In the same scene, you can see Curly in the background beginning to get up from the floor, but in the next shot, he's laying down and he gets up again.

    When Moe walks up to the donkey, you can hear Moe laughing but he's not even laughing.

    Where'd that dog come from? We see the Stooges as bums by themselves, then it shows Vernon Dent in the restaurant, and when it goes back to the Stooges, they have a dog with them.

    At the end of the scene with the Stooges begging Vernon Dent for food through the window, we see mashed potatoes splattered on the window, but no explanation of how it got there.

    In the part where the Stooges try to catch the dog with the turkey but fall flat on the ground, if you look in the window above the Stooges, you can see a reflection of Vernon Dent who is standing off-screen just looking at the Stooges, but he was supposed to still be in the restaurant.

    After the Stooges try to get the turkey from the dog but end up landing flat on their faces, it cuts to Vernon Dent yelling "Hey!" and there's a man behind him getting up from the floor yelling "Hey, what's the idea?" as if Dent pushed him, but we don't see it.

    After Curly says "Soitenly, what do you think we're here for?" to the man, Larry opens his mouth to say something, but it cuts to the next shot before he speaks.

    When the Stooges walk over to the troft, Moe puts his hand in the troft and accidentally gets water on his hand. You can see him shake it off afterwards.

    When MacGillicuddy orders the boys to stick their heads in the troft, Moe is standing closest to the screen, with Larry in the middle and Curly on the end. Then it shows a brief close-up of MacGillicuddy and when it goes back to the Stooges, Larry is closest to the screen with Moe in the middle and Curly on the end.

    When the Stooges stick their head in the water, MacGillicuddy sticks his gun in the water, but in the next shot, he's still holding his gun, clicks it, then sticks it in the water again.

    When the Stooges are yelling after the Sgt. blasts the gun, Larry yelling "I can't hear" is dubbed in and strange enough, you can hear what Larry is really saying, even under the dubbing. 14) At the beginning of the scene in the general's office, the general has something in his eye.

    After Curly says "Upstairs in the front room", the general begins to say something else but his dialogue is deleted.

    After the general says "Remember your place" it cuts to Moe bonking Larry on the head as if he said something silly, but we don't see it.

    When Larry is closing the cannon door, he accidentally crunches his fingers in it and yells "Ahh, my finger!!"

    In one of the parts where the Stooges fall backwards on the ground after firing the cannon, you can hear Larry groan as if he hurt himself.

    At the end when Curly asks "Maybe he's gonna take our picture", Larry holds his hat as if he's going to take it off, but in the next shot, it's already off.

    When Moe and Larry are awakened by Sgt. MacGillicuddy, they jump up, grab their rifles and shoot. Larry's rifle, however, doesn't fire.

    During the loving cups scene, when Moe asks "Wait a minute, where's Larry?", his mouth isn't moving.

    We see the Stooges cart in a buggy with 3 cannon shells on it, but they shoot and hit a tower, a house, a bridge, and the admiral's flagship. Where did they get the fourth shell to fire at the flagship?

  • Season 3 Episode 2: Movie Maniacs

  • As Mr. Rath leads the three studio guards to apprehend the Stooges, all three of the gatemen explain that they had thrown the trio out before. But earlier in the film, there were only two gatemen that the Stooges had confronted.

  • Although the iron Larry uses to iron Moe's pants leaves large black streaks on his trousers, when Moe uses the iron to burn Larry's behind, there are no streaks or marks of any kind.

  • Goofs:

    After Curly says "Oh, I never get any rest" it cuts to another shot and if you notice, Curly has his sleeve rolled up revealing three watches, but there's no mention of it. This was the set-up for the "three watches" joke later used in Dutiful But Dumb (1941). When the wheat cake hits the ceiling, you can see the stage hand that throws it.

    When Moe is saying "Swinehardt, pighardt, pighardt, heartburn. he says "Pighardt" twice in a row, presumably because he forgot what to say after that.

    After Moe says "We'll make it like that" he turns his head from Swinehardt, but in the next shot, he's looking at Swinehardt.

    When Moe says "I'll direct the thing myself" Curly is standing next to the leading lady, but in the next shot, he's standing next to the leading man. Then when the leading man walks away, Curly is standing next to Moe but in the next shot, he's standing behind Moe. After that, it cuts to the assistant director walking away from Moe as if he said something to her.

    When Larry as the leading man says to Curly (as the leading lady) "I have come for you", Curly is looking at Larry and holds pliers up to Larry's nose as if he's going to do something with it, but it suddenly cuts to the next shot and Curly isn't holding pliers anymore.

    After Moe says "Use your head" and kicks Curly in the rear end, Curly begins panting as if he's going to do something, but it cuts to the next scene before we see him do it.

    After the Stooges lock themselves in the lion pit, they put their heads to the door to hear if anybody's coming and if you notice, Larry has his hat off, but in the next shot, not only is Larry's hat on, but he and Curly are standing in opposite places.

    After Curly says "You can't fire him, he quit!" and Moe slaps him, Swinehardt turns around and you can see something fall out of his hat.

    During the kissing technique scene, when one of the ladies is about to kiss Curly, she says "Oh, Mr. Howard!" But the Stooges were supposed to be under false identities at the movie studio, so we don't see how she knew Curly's real last name.

    When Moe is telling Mr. Swinehardt about kisses, at first, Larry's standing next to Moe, then in the next shot, he's nowhere near Moe, then in the next shot, he's next to Moe again, and so on...

  • Season 3 Episode 1: Ants in the Pantry

  • When Moe and Curly are hiding under Mrs. Burlap's bed, a cord can be seen holding the moth that tickle's Curly's nose.

  • Goofs:

    We see Moe place the bear trap on Mr. Mouser's chair when he's trying to talk him into giving them another chance, and we expect the boss to sit down and get his butt caught in the bear trap, but we never see it happen.

    After Gawkins says "Come with me, Gentlemen", Moe and Larry follow him, and Curly walks the other way. Before there's any explanation of why Curly did that, it suddenly cuts to the next scene.

    When Moe is helping Larry in the piano, the camera shows a brief close-up of Moe for some strange reason. In the close-up, Moe has a different look on his face than in the shots before and after.

    When the piano starts to fall, Moe begins yelling but it's cut off in the cut to the next shot. Also, you can see the string the pulls the piano when it falls.

    While Curly is trying to life the piano off of Moe, the camera shows a close-up of Mrs. Burlap's friend and in the background, you'll notice a man standing behind her with a looks of shock on his face, but in the shots before and after, the man isn't standing anywhere near the lady, and he's laughing.

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