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  • Season 9 Episode 7: Sock-A-Bye-Baby

  • Goofs:

    When Larry puts the bag of groceries down on the table, it knocks a book over. Moe puts it back up, but then Larry knocks it down again afterwards!

    After Moe tells Curly that he's not scrubbing the celery correctly, it abruptly cuts to Moe and Larry looking at hung-up pieces of celery in delight.

    Larry almost starts laughing when Curly keeps handing Moe the scissors when he asks for pins.

    When Larry says to the baby, "Fit for an airplane worker," Moe and Curly are in the background cutting some slices of spaghetti, but when it cuts to a closer shot of them, the spaghetti is suddenly gone.

    Little Jimmy "burps" with his mouth closed.

    When Moe picks up the baby, he says "Lemme see now" but his lips aren't moving.

    When Pete gets hit on the head with an ironing board repeatedly, his groans-of-pain don't match his actual mouth movements.

  • Season 9 Episode 6: Even as I.O.U.

  • Goofs:

    You can see the string that pulls the towel out of the horn.

    When Curly yells after Seabasket the Horse bites him in the rear, the horse gets frightened and jumps suddenly.

  • Season 9 Episode 5: Three Smart Saps

  • Goofs:

    Larry is about to re-stitch Curly's split pant leg, then it cuts to the next shot, and the split on Curly's pant leg looks different.

    When Curly says, "Can't you see I'm fallin' for ya?" his arms are on the chair differently than they were in the previous shot. Also, it's possible that the chair hitting his head after that line wasn't supposed to happen. Watch him, he pauses for a while after it hits him.

    When Moe is tying the chain around Curly's waist, Curly's holding one arm up, but in the next shot, he's holding up two arms, and in the next shot, he's back to holding one arm up again.

    At the beginning when the Stooges are singing, Larry sings off-beat during one part.

  • Season 9 Episode 4: Matri-Phony

  • Goofs:

    When the snake begins to come out of the jar, it's head is peering out, but in the next shot, half of the snake's body is out of the jar.

    A cut when Larry is yelling, "Oww! My ear! My ear!"

    When Diana comes out of the jar when she thinks she hears the signal, she quickly ducks her head back in the jar. But in the next shot, she's still looking out the jar and she sticks her head back in.

    There's a sudden cut to Moe and Larry trying to pull the cement off of the guard's behind.

    When the camera shows a close up of the emperor in the scene where he's introduced, he's squinting his eyes, but he isn't in the long shots.

    When Moe says, "You wanna get me in trouble? Easy, buddy, easy!" his lips aren't moving.

    When one of the guards asks the knocked out guard if he saw the boys, you can see a hand on the back of Schindell's collar, but none of the boys are holding his neck yet.

    After the guard asks "So you think they're three nice guys, huh?" Curly's lips are moving but we don't hear anything.

    Right when the emperor is about to kiss Curly, it suddenly cuts to an earlier shot of Larry about to drink the poisoned wine, then it suddenly goes back to the original shot. This was very sloppy of the editors and confusing for the viewers. Why'd they do this?

    A cut in the short when the boys are shown hanging on the edges of the spears.

    When the Stooges are hanging upside down from the guards' spears, you can clearly hear what appears to be director Harry Edwards telling Larry "Larry, grab the....." Larry was the only one who was not grabbing onto his guard's trousers, so once the yell was heard off-screen, Larry quickly grabbed the pants.

    When Moe puts paste on the wall, the long shot shows him painting Curly's face, but the close-up shows his face down and his head getting painted.

  • Season 9 Episode 3: Wha'ts the Matador?

  • Actor Eddie Laughton plays a dual role. First, he is the clerk at the telegraph office, and later he is one of the attendants at the bullring.

  • When Curly crashes through the glass door, it is obviously a stunt double and not really Curly.

  • Goofs:

    When Moe pokes Larry in the eyes after he says, "C'mon, we gotta get our wardrobe!" Larry's eyes are really hurt afterward.

    When Curly is running away from Jose in the bedroom scene, he trips over something.

  • Season 9 Episode 2: Cactus Makes Perfect

  • The backgrounds are obviously paintings when the Stooges climb out of the mine.

  • You can tell that the Stooges are standing in front of a screen projector when the truck behind them nearly knocks them over. In fact, the projected footage is stock footage from the earlier comedy How High is Up?. When the arrow stabs Red in the behind, you can see a board in his pants.

    When Curly is flying in the air, there are visible strings holding him up.

    Moe's hair pattern changes during various close-ups of him during the digging scene.

    When the two claimjumpers run after the Stooges, Stumpy accidentally trips over something and falls off-screen. When Red and Stumpy are looking through the window, Curly does an eye poke on Red and clearly hits him at the top of his hat. Red still reacts as if he were hit in the eyes, though. When Curly says, "What's all this fuss about?!" at the end, Larry cracks up in the background.

    We see the Stooges crawling out of the lost mine, but a little earlier in the film, Moe broke the ladder leading down into the mine, so how did the Stooges get out?

    After the con-man says "I can sell you the map to the lost mine", the camera cuts to a quick close-up of Curly and the look on his face is different than the look on his face in the shots before and after.

  • Season 9 Episode 1: Loco Boy Makes Good

  • The songs played in the background at the nightclub include That Week in Paris, Ben's Business in C, and Rockin' the Town.

  • In the opening scene, when the Stooges fly out of the doorway and onto the sidewalk, dummies are obviously used in place of the Stooges.

  • When Curly slips on the soap left on the sidewalk, it is obviously a stunt double and not Curly.

  • Goofs:

    As the scene dissolves into the Stooges inside the hotel, we hear Moe saying "...start slippin', we start suin'" but we don't hear the beginning of his line.

    As Curly tossed the soap on the floor, Moe was putting his hat on, then in the next shot, the hat is in his hand again!

    When the Stooges each begin to lay a carpet on the floor and roll one end of the carpet towards the wall, the other end of each carpet is supposed to roll back to the boys and hit them on their feet, but Larry's carpet stops rolling mid-way. It's fixed in the next shot.

    When Larry lies across all three of the carpets, after a while, all three of the carpets become one!

    When Curly is pulling all those handkerchiefs out of his pocket, we see Moe holding a rubber snake, but we never saw where he got it from.

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