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The Three Stooges Show

Season 16 Episode 2

Who Done It?

Aired Daily 6:00 PM Mar 03, 1949 on AMC
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Episode Summary


Councilman John Goodrich is targeted by the Phantom Gang and calls the Alert Detective Agency for help. The agency sends the Stooges, who blunder through Goodrich's home and become targets for the gang themselves.

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  • The three stooges are detectives trying to save a business man from a gang. The adventures they go through are hilarious.

    I just love this episode. It is the classic the stooges episode with Shemp. Even curly fans like this. Hilarious episode from beginning to end, every second. The episode starts with the stooges unexplicably tied up, which just defines the stooges character. I never understood how they got tied up and I find it funny. Larry gives the best physical comedy especially while running from that "monster" if you can call him that. I love it when he explains the business man how they couldn't come since they were tied up since he is the only on that meant it literally. Moe in this one is just way too grumpy but that's why he is hilarious. He even does the "nyuk, nyuk" curly sound just before he gets hit on the head with the picture. There is a very underrated quote by Moe when he says to Larry "Come on, eagle". That is just funny to me for no apparent reason. Shemp is always acting like a smartass in this one. That's why he is my favorite in this episode. The way he is enamored by the woman is great, especially when he starts shaking in the camera. I believe the best scene in the whole episode is when the "goon" keeps hitting the stooges and larry and shemp are scared to death while moe is completely oblivious to the fact somebody else is hitting him. And when he finally realizes it, he turns to hit him back and then he is immediately taken back. I loved how moe looked so scared, even more than larry or shemp. The goon is another story. Its hilarious how the stooges are scared to death of him.moreless
  • Detective Stooges are called to the home receiving threats from a crime gang.

    "Here I am Moe!!" The Stooges demonstrate everything from wild slapstick to ogling beautiful Christine McIntyre, to classic one liners in this crime classic! The plot is believeable, but also somewhat overused, as it has been the subject of both comedies and dramas. Extortionists after the rich guy. The Stooges take this to hilarious proportions as demonstrated by the opening scene in the office, the crazy chase scenes, and the ending "lights out" fight sequence. This was sadly, the last Stooges film for monster actor Duke York, playing zombie henchman, Nikko. Although archive footage was used in later films, this was the last time he shocked us for real. All in all, a Stooges epic.moreless
Joe Besser

Joe Besser

Joe 1955-59

Joe De Rita

Joe De Rita

Curly-Joe 1958-71

Larry Fine

Larry Fine

Larry 1925-26, 1929-71

Moe Howard

Moe Howard

Moe 1922-26, 1929-71

Shemp Howard

Shemp Howard

Shemp 1922-25, 1929-32, 1947-55

Curly Howard

Curly Howard


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Fast motion is used in the scene where Shemp is thrashing around on the floor because he drank the poisoned drink.

    • As Shemp is thrashing around due to the poison, Christine McIntyre (who is watching him from the sofa), is smirking and obviously trying to hold back her laughter.

    • In order to escape the house, Larry points out a window that the Stooges could leave through, and the trio runs toward it. However, the next shot shows them trying to use the telephone to call help. We never see why they couldn't leave through the window.

    • Moe is limping during the final chase scene due to an injury he sustained earlier in the film when the Stooges crashed through the door.

    • When Shemp is rolling around on the floor due to the effects of the poison, a stunt double is obviously used in some sequences.

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  • NOTES (3)

    • The short was remade, with stock footage, as For Crimin' Out Loud (1954).

    • Final Stooges short for actor Duke York, who was known for playing monsters and villains opposite the trio since the early 40s. He would commit suicide just a few years later.

    • The original script for this film, entitled Pardon My Terror, was written for Moe, Larry, and Curly. Curly's stroke prohibited the filming, so the short was filmed with another Columbia comedy team: Schilling and Lane. This short is a remake of Schilling and Lane's Pardon My Terror.