The Three Stooges Show

Season 1 Episode 1

Woman Haters

Aired Daily 6:00 PM May 05, 1934 on AMC
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Moe, Larry and Curly join the Woman Haters Club, pledging their money and vowing that they'll never get married.

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  • Moe, Larry, & Curly decide to forsake marraige and join a Woman Haters union. This is ruined however, when Larry decides to get married. Worse still, Moe and Curly intercept Larry on his honeymoon, and begin to question their loyalties as well.moreless

    The Stooges were no strangers to musicals, as they had manufactured their own at MGM with Ted Healy. This is one of their few Columbia musicals, but it is done brilliantly. The slapstick, from Bud Jamision's eye-poke to Marjorie White throwing the Stooges from their train is near flawless. Its nowhere near as intense as their later works either. The rhyming dialogue is dated and grows annoying pretty quickly, but takes a back seat to The Stooges rendition of "My Life, My Love, My All". The Stooges rarely exhibited their brilliant voices in the future. Overall, a fun curio. Sort of a Pre-Stooge Stooge deal.moreless
  • The Three Stooges, separate characters with different names, join a Woman Haters club. Larry gets married shortly after, prompting Moe and Curly to try to break up the marraige. But Larry's wife has a few tricks up her sleeve.moreless

    When I first saw this short, I wasn't that keen on it, at first. I mean the Stooges doing a musical for their debut was, I thought, not in their league. But after seeing their MGM shorts before they went to Columbia, that is what they did. After more viewings of this short, I found it, and still find it quite enjoyable. Larry, for starters, gets the starring role. I have always been a Larry fan, just because he has the best expressions ever. The hairdo rocks. Anyway, there are some very funny slapstick moments in this film that really showcase what was yet to come later down the road for them. Overall, not a bad first short, but I am not crazy about musicals either.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • As the train conductor walks off-camera after talking to Moe and Curly, he stumbles over something and almost falls down.

    • Goofs:

      Moe's jacket is buttoned in the part where the Stooges are fighting at the beginning, but in the next shot, his jacket is unbuttoned.

      When Larry is singing to Marjorie White, in one part when he sings "And when I'm finished with my grooming", Marjorie White almost sings it along with him when she wasn't supposed to.

      Right before the scene cuts to Curly doing his funny walk down the hallway, Marjorie White looks like she's about to say something.

      Larry broke his finger when tumbling out of the berth with the other Stooges.

      In the scene where Marjorie White is trying to hide Curly, she throws her hat up to the top berth, but it accidentally falls back down and she has to throw it up again.

      When the camera pans over to Moe and Curly as old men, you can see as shadow of a mircrophone in the background.

      At the end while Larry is singing "My life, my love, my all", you can see Moe elbow Curly to let him know that another hit is coming.

      You can see a scar on Larry's nose throughout the whole short.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Mary: Won't someone help me to my room, or I'll go right to my doom!
      Tom: Well, little girl, if that's the case, I'll go with you almost anyplace!

    • Mary: (seeing the Woman Haters button) Honey, W.H., what does that mean?
      Jim: Wonderful Honeymoon!

    • Porter: Is that all, sir?
      Jim: Yeah, that's all that I want with you!

    • Tom: Do you know if you violate the rules of the club, you're just as good as dead!
      Jackie: If you get married, you'll be carried out and bonked right on the head!

    • Chairman: Listen you Woman Haters, we meet for the seventh time, to convice each member of the club that romance is a crime!

    • Mary: Darling, we're two hours early! Why did we get here so soon?
      Larry: Just so we could be alone for a while. Alone on our honeymoon.

    • Priest: Place the ring upon her finger.
      (Jim begins to put the ring on Mary's hand.)
      Priest: Not that one! The other finger...I pronounce you man and wife!

    • (A very old Jim walks into the Woman Haters club lounge.)
      Chairman: Well, what do you want?
      Jim: I want to join the Woman Haters club!

    • (Mary watches the Stooges fight on the train car floor.)
      Mary: Oh, a couple of acrobats!

    • (Mary makes Jackie feign illness to protect him from Jim and Tom.)
      Mary: Shh! The poor boy is ill. Be quiet, till he awakes. Fever, he's hot.
      Tom: Don't worry, I got, what it takes to cure him!
      Mary: Don't you dare to strike him!
      Jim: What's the matter, do you like him?
      Mary: If you dare to lay a hand on him I'll scream!
      (Tom shoves her and she screams.)

    • Jackie: Say, did you see a curly-headed fella?
      Porter: Yeah I did, sure 'nuff! He's in there with a lady, brother! Man, she hot stuff!

    • Club member: Mr. Chairman, three gentlemen wait without!
      Chairman: Without what?
      Club member: They want to join our club today.
      Chairman: OK, admit them, right away!

    • Jim: You don't think I'd fool around with a sappy dame like that? Her eyes are like a cat! And her hair is like a rat!

    • Mr. Zero: I'll give you my opinion of the opposite sexes. When a man marries a girl, he has to work while she relaxes. Some smart-aleck wrote a book "The Woman Always Pays". Yes, she pays for perfume, powder, paint, and every silly craze! But where does that money come from? From those dopey guys who fall. I say down with every man that sings "My Life, My Love, My All".

    • Jim: Rain or shine or rain, I'll meet you at the train, and I will tell my lady that I'll never see her again!

    • Tom: Now I'll make a toast. To the Three Musketeers, who've stuck along for years, we've traveled together, in every kind of weather.

    • Jim: Fellas, I'll have to quit that club I joined last week.
      Tom and Jackie: Quit the club?!?

    • Club chairman: Gentlemen, please, the meeting is called to order, and we need quiet, not a riot. Otherwise, we can't proceed.

  • NOTES (7)

    • Footage from this short was used inThe Lady with the Torch(1999), a specialdocumentary to honor Columbia Pictures' 75th anniversary.

    • Scenes from this film were used in the 1984 music video for The Jump 'n the Saddle Band's Stooge-themed hit, The Curly Shuffle.

    • Clips from this short appeared in the classic family sci-fi film Short Circuit (1986).

    • Running time: 19 minutes 18 seconds

    • This was the sixth entry in Columbia's "Musical Novelty" series, and the whole film is done in rhyme. Jazz-Age style music plays throughout the entire short, with the rhymes spoken in rhythm with the music. The Three Stoogeshad different names in this short; Curly: Jackie, Moe: Tom, Larry: Jim.

      This is one of the few Stooges shorts that features Larry as the lead character. Others include Three Loan Wolves (1946) and He Cooked His Goose (1952).

      Being the sixth in a "Musical Novelties" short subject series, the movie appropriated its musical score from the first five films. The memorable song "My Life, My Love, My All," featured in this short, was originally "At Last!" from the film Um-Pa (1933).

      Co-star Marjorie White (Mary) died a year after this short in a car accident. This was her final film.

      Bud Jamison's character delivers the first "eye pokes" to the Stooges, as part of the initiation into the Woman Hater's Club. He pokes Larry in the eyes first, followed by Curly. Finally, he delivers an eye poke to Moe, who mistakenly blames Curly and promptly slaps him, igniting the first real Stooge brawl of the short films.

      This short includes a young Walter Brennan playing the train conductor being initiated into the Woman Haters club by Moe and Curly. He would also appear with the Stooges in Restless Knights (1935).

      Curly delivers his first "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk" in this short, although it is not quite delivered in the eventual "classic" style.

    • When the film was originally released, Marjorie White was billed as the #1 star. All current copies put the Stooges' names before the opening title card with White's name on it.

    • Filming Dates: 3-27 thru 3-30-1934 (4 days)