Tick, The (Animated)

Season 2 Episode 2

Alone Together

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 16, 1995 on FOX

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  • Good episode but not a good idea to launch the Tick into space, sure it's hillarious, but don't they know how stupid he is.

    The Tick is part of a program to remove the CHA from the moon, caused by Chairface\'s birthday party. As he gets launched to the moon he was able to blow up the C While he was still on the moon so it blows him into space where he meets Omnipotus-eater of planets, and the Tick helps him remove a planet from his ear and they become friends as they head for Earth. Meanwhile everyone on Earth thinks the Ticks is dead, so Arthur goes through several different sidekicks for other heros. When the Tick and Omnipotus make it back to Earth, The Tick finds out he wants to eat it. It\'s funny to see Arthur go through different heros. First he becomes the sidekick of Die Flatormas, but he finds out that all he does is look at fashion magazines and go to the diner. He then sidekicks for The Human Bullet but gets to many headaches from getting shot out of a cannon all of the time. From now on the moon know says HA instead of CHA
  • The Tick faces his largest and hungriest foe ever – the all-powerful OMNIPOTUS! The Tick is forced to perform bizarre favors for the mighty Omnipotus including rubbing his feet, and dislodging stuck planetoids from his ear.

    Fans of the comic book the Fantastic Four will really get a kick out of this episode. The character of Ominpotus is a very obvious parody of the Marvel Comics villain, Galactus. His dialogue is very similar to that given to Galactus by writers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

    The Tick also finds himself burdened with the responsibility of repairing the graffiti left on the surface of the moon by Chairface Chippendale in episode 2. Not only does the Tick fail to accomplish this, but he also paves the way for Omnipotus to cause even more lunar damage.

    Some folks will probably feel that this is an average episode, but comic fans will have a blast watching Omnipotus order the Tick around like a common servant.