Tick, The (Animated)

Season 2 Episode 3

Armless but Not Harmless

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 23, 1995 on FOX

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  • Wow the Tick can stop crimes without arms

    When a villian and her boyfriend, named venus and Milo, get foiled by a plumber in there latest robbery they lose there invition to the enemy awards. To ensure they get invited again Milo creates a device that will make The Tick and Arthurs arms fall off. THey collect there severed arms and make a Tick and Arthur robot to use in all of there crimes. So the Tick and Arthur try to get there arms back by tracking them to the enemy awards. This episode was okay but it was definatly not the best, atleast it was the second apperances of The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight. The funniest part of this episode was when The Tick and Arthur try to find out where the enemy awards are by pretending there evil and to prove there evil The Forehead tells them to prove thereselfs by eating a kitten