Tick, The (Animated)

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Nov 11, 1995 on FOX

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  • If COPS was like this episode this World would be a much better place

    The people of the hit t.v. show HEROS is doing an episode on The Tick, and how he saves the day. While filming they run into The Deadly Bulb, who has a lightbulb attached to his head and although he tries to hide it, a pig for a leg. He eventally kdinappes Arthur and the Camera people as they about him. While The Tick and American Maid try to rescue them. There are a couple of things I like in this episode. First I like who The Deadly Bulb beats up anyone who mentions the word pig or if someone asks him about his leg. The second one thing I like is all the footage The Tick gets on The Tick Cam, Like when he got mashed potatoes on it and the Camera guy said "Just like the monkeys." The Third thing I like is when The Tick climbs the roof and sees The Deadly Bulb's pigleg and says "Roof Pig, Most Unexpected."
  • A top-notch parody of \"COPS\"

    I happen to love this episode, having seen it for the first time the weekend of 6/18/2005. This episode, of course, parodies the famous telvision series \\\"COPS\\\", and it does it well. The Dirty Bulb/Pig Leg was a great villian, and the Tick was his usual self. Definately my fav episode to this point.
  • The Tick, wearing a patented head-cam so that he can contribute footage of his exploits to the docu-drama, “Heroes”, runs afoul of the illumination-friendly, Deadly Bulb! (Not his brightest adversary)

    For the most part, this episode rings hollow of any true comedic value. The parody of the television show COPS is rather underplayed, and I think a lot of great potential went unused here. As per usual however, the Tick opens and closes the episode with one of his classic, patented monologues. The only other element of value aside from the monologue, is the fact that the Deadly Bulb has a rather bizarre malady. Instead of a right leg, he has in it’s place, a fully grown, live pig. In a somewhat predictable fashion, the Deadly Bulb soon abandons his nom de guerre in favor of his new moniker, PIGLEG!

    In all, “Heroes” is a rather dry, run-of-the-mill episode, but there are a few decent laughs to be had.