Tick, The (Animated) - Season 1

FOX (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account
    When Arthur kicks out The Tick after he spends all of Arthur's money on crime fighting supplies, legendary super villain The Terror tries to take over the city while The Tick is sulking.
  • The Tick vs. the Proto Clown
    The Tick gets knocked into space and into a self-exploratory journey by a giant genetically-enhanced clown. The remaining superheroes are forced to try to fight off the evil proto-clown until the Tick returns.
  • The Tick vs. the Mole-men
    The Mole Men come to the surface on vacation and the Tick ends up being their tour guide and protector - they meet supermodel Mindy Moleford and pursue her romantically. Complicating matters is the arrival of the Lava Man, who tries to kill the Mole King.
  • The Tick vs. Pineapple Pokopo
    The government asks the Tick and Arthur to help when a space capsule with a monkey (with super smarts due to exposure with cosmic rays) crash lands in Pokoponesia - the heroes must recover the monkey. The two plus American Maid go there and find themselves in battle with the country's evil ruler, Pineapple Pokopo.moreless
  • The Tick vs. Brainchild
    While shopping, the Tick and Arthur run afoul of Charles, aka Brainchild - a 9-year old with his brain in a transparent dome on his head. Assisted by his cyborg dog Skippy, Charles uses his multi-mega-destructor cannon to smash the Moon into the Earth, and only the Tick can save the day!moreless
  • The Tick vs. the Uncommon Cold
    The Tick falls prey to an uncommon cold and is a less then subtle sufferer - Arthur while tending him goes next door and is kidnapped by Thrakkorzog, evil ruler of Dimension 14B. Thrak plans to conquer Earth with an army of Tick clones, but all that an Arthur-clone can get in the way of Tick's cell samples is mucus from his handkerchiefs. This leads to the creation of Mucus Tick, whom The Tick must battle for the sake of the world!moreless
  • The Tick vs. the Tick
    The Tick and the gang take Arthur's sister's car to a Superhero night club. Arthur can't get in because he's a sidekick so he has to wait in the sidekicks lounge. A pseudo-superhero calling himself the Tick comes to the club and he and The Tick battle. Also a skinny, tiny villain called the "Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight" tries to blow up the superhero night spot, with hilarious consequences.moreless
  • The Tick vs. El Seed
    Villainous sunflower El Seed starts making The City's plants come to life and attack with a special spray. When The Tick is accidentally infected with this spray, it's a race to save both The City and himself.
  • The Tick vs. the Breadmaster
    The Breadmaster and his sidekick, Buttery Pat, plot to conquer The City by baking a giant Lemon Dessert Souffle and only The Tick and Arthur can stop him.
  • The Tick vs. Mr. Mental
    The Tick's mind is taken over by an evil mind controller, Mr. Mental. He uses the Tick to get a machine that will increase his mind abilities even more. It's up to Arthur and his other superhero friends to break the Tick out of Mr. Mental's control.
  • The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil
    While on a trip to a paleontological dig, The Tick and Arthur meet Dinosaur Neil, the head paleontologist. When Neil accidentally eats some dinosaur growth material and transforms into a rampaging T-Rex, it's up to Tick and Arthur to get him back to normal before the army destroys him.
  • The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale
    Chairface Chippendale is planning to carve his name into the moon at his birthday party. American Maid, Arthur, and The Tick infiltrate the party to try and stop him.
  • The Tick vs. the Idea Men
    The super-strong but slow-witted superhero called "The Tick" is assigned to defend "The City". Arriving there, he meets Arthur, a bank accountant who was fired for wearing his moth suit (that everyone mistakes for a bunny costume). The Tick asks Arthur to become his sidekick and reside in their headquarters: Arthur's apartment. Some criminals calling themselves "The Idea Men", guys who don't want to work anymore and are impossible to understand because of their full-face masks, rob a bank. They fail, thanks to the Tick, but manage to escape. They proceed to threaten to blow up the City's dam and flood the City if they don't get a million bucks, so the Tick and Arthur go out once more to stop their evil ways.moreless