Tick, The (Animated) - Season 3

FOX (ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Secret; Identity
    Secret; Identity
    Episode 11
  • Tick vs. Education
    Tick vs. Education
    Episode 10
    The Tick and Arthur are chosen to teach Superhero School and a classroom of unlikely heroes. They must rush into action to take on Uncle Creamy, a corporate mascot turned into a evil ice cream cone who strikes out at the company who made him. Meanwhile Uncle Creamy II attacks, trying to kill Uncle Creamy before he tells the heroes what the company is up to.moreless
  • Tick vs. Prehistory
    The Tick and Arthur end up in the distant past and uncover a diabolical plot by the Hotel Manager, a man from the future using prehistoric man as staff for his Hotel at the beginning of the universe. They manage to defeat him and free man's ancestors from a life of low-paying minimum wage jobs.moreless
  • Tick vs. Science
    Tick vs. Science
    Episode 8
    The Tick and Arthur are invited to the Mad Scientist Fair to help Dr. Vahtoss try out his mind-transference device. Hilarity ensues when the two switch bodies. Chairface Chippendale moves in to try and steal the device and soon everyone is switching with everyone.
  • Tick vs. Europe
    Tick vs. Europe
    Episode 7
    The Tick is chosen for a superhero exchange program - he travels to Antwerp while Éclair comes to The City. While the Tick and Éclair's sidekick Blitzen foil a kidnap plot against the King of Belgium, Arthur and the lightning-blasting Éclair must defeat the Breadmaster and his Gingerbreadmen.
  • Tick vs. Filth
    Tick vs. Filth
    Episode 6
    Sewer Urchin battles his arch enemy, the Sewer Czar, earning the respect of his fellow superheroes.
  • Devil in Diapers
    Devil in Diapers
    Episode 5
    Mr. Mental steals a device from Dr. Pendecker that lets him hypnotize Arthur and the Tick into thinking he's a baby so they'll protect him. Unfortunately, Mental leaves the device in the taxi and has to recover it.
  • Tick vs. Arthur
    Tick vs. Arthur
    Episode 4
    Arthur is annoyed at his failed attempts to lose weight and dismayed at how much of a wimp he is. When he and Tick defeat a villain named Baron Violent, Arthur takes Baron Violent's strength-enhancing belt. When Arthur wears it, he gains confidence and likes seeing himself with a muscular physique. While dating Carmalita, Arthur picks a fight with two guys to show his new strength and confidence. The Tick is called in to end the fight and he tangles with Arthur. In the end, Arthur must get rid of his strength belt to save his and Tick's life. Arthur realizes the addiction the belt gave him and tosses it away so that he can be himself.moreless
  • Sidekicks Don't Kiss
    The Deerfield Aztecs, a baseball team, crashed in Mexico and formed their own lost tribe of real Aztecs. They track their missing shortstop, Carmalita (Arthur's girlfriend) to America but grab Arthur instead. When the Tick and Carmalita pursue, the Aztecs and their leader Wally unleash "Speak", some kind of lowly animal that they intend to wed Arthur to. Tick takes a shine to "Speak" (as he names him) and he defeats the Aztecs and rescues Arthur.moreless
  • Tick vs. Dot and Neil's Wedding
    Dinosaur Neil, palaeontologist, curator of Dinosaur Grotto and one-time giant city-destroying mutant, is marrying Arthur's sister Dot. Chairface Chippendale, The Breadmaster and El Seed have other plans, though - plans which involve tampering with Neil's medication, man-eating bouquets, exploding wedding cake, and The Indigestible Man. And as if that wasn't enough, Neil's best man is... The Tick! It's up to our blue hero, Arthur and Dot to save Neil, with the aid of a submarine and 1,400 pounds of pungent raw meat...moreless
  • That Mustache Feeling
    The Mustache, a U.S. secret weapon, escapes from the lab and tries to team up with its counterpart, the Russian Beard. In hot pursuit are Jim Rage and the Ladies of Project: Shave, so the Mustache takes refuge on the Tick's lip. Meanwhile, Dinosaur Neil and Dot plan for their marriage.moreless