Tick, The (Animated)

Season 3 Episode 3

Sidekicks Don't Kiss

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 28, 1996 on FOX

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  • It took them a whole season to bring back Camalita, and it took three seasons to get the best character, Speak

    Arthur can't get Camalita out of his mind so they go to a movie together, but during the movie people dressed like Aztecs kidnap Arthur. So it's up to The Tick and Camalita to go to Mexico to rescue him from the supposed Aztecs. This is a funny episode which introduces the best character Speak. The Aztecs intended to kidnap Camalita but since they got Arthur they planed to cadapult him with the lowest life they can find in the jungle which happens to be a weird dog. The dog hits the plane that The Tick and Camalita are flying and it knocks The Tick out. When he wakes up The Tick thinks the dog is talking to him, and he thinks it says that he saved him so he well be his loyal pet, so The Tick names him Speak. I also love how The Tick gets his information on Aztec from a history book he got at a gas station in Texas. Another funny thing is The Tick and Camalita's arguing if The Tick is getting used to her or not.
  • The Tick and Carmalita must rescue a kidnapped Arthur. Their journey takes them to an Aztec temple where they encounter a lost baseball team and a mysterious animal...

    "Sidekicks Don't Kiss" is another great episode of "The Tick". The recipe of cartoon action and gags is as potent as ever, and there's plenty of non-sensical Tick-speak to quote. The episode remarkable for two reasons. The first is the introduction of the Tick's pet, Speak. While in the South American jungle, a hallucinating Tick encounters a capybara. The Tick becomes convinced that this capybara is in fact a talking dog. This could be a reference to the Fantastic Four, where one of the Inhumans made Black Bolt's dog, Lockjaw, appear to be speaking to The Thing. The Thing became despondent when Lockjaw refused to speak anymore. Speak would become a recurring character for the rest of the series. This episode also begins to explore the relationship between Arthur and Carmalita. This is where "The Tick" shows its weaknesses as a cartoon. "The Tick" is at its heart a show for children, and it presents romantic relationships in a very childish way. Fortunately, the cringe-inducing moments are few, and are quickly forgotten with such classic lines as, "Sun-worshipping dog-launchers, you face the Tick!"