Tick, The (Animated)

Season 2 Episode 1

The Little Wooden Boy and the Belly of Love

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 09, 1995 on FOX

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  • My Personal Fav

    This episode has to be my favorite! I havent seene them all but of the epps I have seen This one tops them all. I LOVE Little Wooden Boy! Arthur meets a girl and while he is off spending time with her Tick feels left out. So he "makes" a new side kick. His new side kick is a block of wood with swinging legs and arms with a face drawn on. He then take little wooden boy out to fight some evil doers. The Swiss. When he told Little Wooden Boy to take on one of the bad guys and he threw Little Wooden Boy at the guy and knocked him out, I fell over laughing! And then when they get swallowed by the whale and they suggested using Little Wooden Boy to smoke their way out like pinochio I had to pause the dvd to catch my breath. I Love the Tick.
  • Good idea for the second season

    While fighting evil one day the Tick and Arthur meet a girl, named Carmalita, who's wears the same moth costume as Arthur, as she revels that her father created both there suits and that his has a code in it to crack her fathers notebook, unfortunatly The Swiss want both these items. Arthur and Carmalita start to hit it off and go on dates, which means that Arthur skipped both patrol and hobby night. So the Tick creates a new sidekick completly out of wood, and calls it Little Woodden Boy. It great to see Die Flatormas actually fighting crime, and failing. We also find out that the Tick depends on Arthur to help him fight crime, or he loses it. I think Camalita made a good girlfriend for Arthur, it's too bad she dosen't appear agian till next season
  • A whale that walks like a man! The Swiss Army! A moth chick! Little Wooden Boy! Hobby Night! All this…plus the Tick! Come on Arthur, get MENTAL with me!

    This is by far my all-time favorite episode of the Tick. This episode opened up Season Two and really grabbed this particular animated bull by the proverbial horns. I have seen this ep a dozen times and it never ceases to send me rolling on the floor. The script is really tight and the laughs are constant. Ben Edlund really pulled out all of the stops with this one.

    The penultimate achievement in this episode is the introduction and short-lived career of the Tick’s newest sidekick, Little Wooden Boy! That scarred, marked up little brown face of his is so twisted and depraved looking, that I chuckle at the merest thought of him.

    This one’s the best. Watch it. Now. Your family will thank you.