Tick, The (Animated)

Season 1 Episode 2

The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 17, 1994 on FOX

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  • Solid episode.

    The Tick and Arthur are patrolling the city to liberate "The City" from crime. Fortunately, they run into a group of generic thugs, but get badly beaten. American Maid comes by and is upset that The Tick has ruined her plan, but evidence has brought them to believe the mastermind is Charface Chippendale. Infiltrating his mansion, they find out he's going to carve his name on the moon to be remembered forever. However, The Tick, American Maid, and even the unlikely Arthur, bash the party and send Chairface Chippendale, along with his goonies, to prison.

    The story in this episode is as generic as you can get. A smaller event takes place that eventually leads into the central conflict, which is those three goons in the beginning stealing those extremely powerful lenses, followed by the protagonist group getting caught shortly after they raid the hideout, making an unlikely escape and putting the crime into place. However, it was how exactly these things were done, which were pretty ridiculous, that made this episode worthwhile. The Tick using his teeth to escape their death amongst a pit of alligators; Arthur easily penetrating to turn off the power of the ray in order to stall the writing on the moon; the antagonist himself, Chairface Chippendale, whose face is literally a chair. What could have been a generic watching is bumped a notch up because of the amusing aspects.
  • Fun- As usuall

    Summary- Chairface Chippendale is plotting something very evil for his birthday- so evil- and that is- to carve his name in the face of the moon. So its up to the Tick, Aruther and American Maid to stop this immense act of evil.
    Review- This is a great episode, as usuall- and its very funny too.We see a whole new cast of original and funny villians, and we also see Aruther pluck up some courage and it is because of him that the day is save. Chairface Chippendale is voiced by the same guy who did the voice of Megabyte from Reboot. 8 out of 10
  • Fly me to the moon, I'll write my name there / Fly me to the moon, my head's a big chair...

    Ambition can be a good thing. Unless, that is, your ambition is to deface the Earth's only natural satellite.

    Unrepentant felon Chairface Chippendale assembles a gala of The City's top lawbreakers, the better to witness him literally making his mark: he will have Professor Chromedome blast his name into the moon. This will supposedly intimidate weakling citizens into submitting to his further evil demands. Also, it's vandalism. That's a fine and community service, at least.

    As usual, our big blue buddy the Tick will have none of it. As not usual, his good-natured eagerness does not look very likely to bring about success. After bumbling their attempt at spying on the crooks' gathering, the Tick and Arthur must scramble to stop the lunar graffiti plot.

    Can they get there in time, or will they have a lot of explaining to do once NASA finds out? A very funny and cheerful episode where we get to see a lot of the bad guys, and where the plot resolution is not as easy as you might think. Evil has some strange people up its sleeve-- and it's a good thing that justice does, too.
  • Chair-Face, moon graffiti and the Tick. What else could you ask for?

    Probably my favorite of the Tick series. Chair-face tries to write his name on the face of the moon and the world (or at least it's natural statllite) is in the hands of the Tick (and Arthur). This was the first, episode that I saw of the Tick (during it's original run, too) and it's the one I haven't seen since I started watching it again since last September. Where are you episode #2!?!?!?!
  • During Chairface Chippendale's Birthday party he reveals his evil plot to write hi name on the moon.

    Pivotal in the entire series as the letters CHA remain on the moon until the C is destroyed. This truly is a good one. From the "Give me a 'C'" onward, nothing but greatness occurs.

    I do prever VS. Science over VS. Chairface Chippendale, but this really is a goodie.
  • Important episode for continuity.

    While not the funniest episode in the bunch, this episode is very important for continuity reasons. Without seeing this episode the C-H-A written on the moon in future episodes won't make much sense. Chairface Chippendale is introduced along with the many supervillain guests attending his birthday party. A good, not great, episode that must be watched in order to achieve a full understanding of the series.
  • It's all just one big villian bash, just the way I like it

    The city most infamous villian Chairface Chippendale(Who has a chair for a head)Plans a big birthday party for to pull his best crime ever, to write his name on the moon. While the Tick, Arthur, and American Maid try to crash his party and although they succede he still writes CHA on the moon. This introduces my favorite hero(Sewer Urchin) and my favorite villians(Chairface Chippendale, Dean, and Professor Chromedome). What I really like about this episode is that every episode after this one you can still see the CHA on the moon, until the C gets removed in Alone Together
  • The City’s most infamous criminal, Chairface Chippendale celebrates his birthday, and invites the most physically unique (and repulsive) guests to his party.

    I don’t really like this episode. The program has yet to fully hit its comedic stride, and the humor seems very lazy and misplaced here. The Tick has yet to cultivate his masterful monologue, and too much focus is given to American Maid, who is one of the least interesting characters to be born from this show.

    However, its an important episode because it establishes a long-standing continuity. Chairface Chippendale has a high-powered laser with which he intends to carve his name into the surface of the moon. But he only gets as far as C-H-A, before the Tick and American Maid stop him. Humorously enough, in every future episode of the show, the letters C-H-A can be prominently seen on the surface of the moon.