Tick, The (Animated)

Season 1 Episode 2

The Tick vs. Chairface Chippendale

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 17, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • After Chairface successfully carves "CHA" into the moon, he's stopped. However, the "CHA" stays on the moon throughout the whole series (at least until the "C" is removed).

    • Despite being left behind by the Forehead, both Boils Brown and Zipperneck can be seen among the guests at Chairface's party during the scene where the Tick is force-feeding the 'little crab things' to the Man Who Looks Like Peter Lorre.

  • Quotes

    • Professor Chromedone: (confronting Arthur) You've ruined everything, you terrible rabbit person!
      (Arthur shines flashlight into Chromedome's face)
      Professor Chromedone: Ach, mein eyes! I am momentarily blinded!

    • American Maid: The party's over, Chairface!
      Chairface Chippendale: Would you people stop saying that!?

    • The Tick: Party's over Chairface. Give it up or I'll write this place off the earth!
      Chairface Chippendale: Okay.

    • The Tick: (to American Maid) We only have seconds to thwart Chairface's evil scheme and bring his villainous crew to justice!
      Chairface: Gimme a C!
      (heat ray fires)
      Villains: C!
      The Tick: Oops! Heh-heh.

    • Chairface: Another birthday present: Superheroes! This must be the part where I reveal my sinister plot.

    • Chairface: (unwraps a box) Diamonds. How original. More gifts!
      Man that Looks like Peter Lorre: Happy birthday, Chairface. I hope you like it. He's Dean, my best henchman. He has the strongest hands in the criminal world!
      (Dean crushes a diamond into dust)
      Chairface: Oh, I like him!

    • The Tick: Hey, it's the Sewer Urchin!
      Sewer Urchin: Yeah.
      The Tick: How are you?
      Sewer Urchin: (sighs) Very poisonous. Don't touch me.
      The Tick: Ho, ho! Who'd want to?

    • (to the Deadly Nose)
      The Tick: Don't you blow your nose at me, Mister!

    • The Tick: Your plan didn't work; now let's use my plan - brute force!

    • (sneaking in as a waiter)
      The Tick: The Tick caters to no man!

  • Notes

    • Although his name is never given, the guest who gives Dean to Chairface at the party is called the Man Who Looks Like Peter Lorre.

    • No less than 16 villains appear in this episode: Chairface Chippendale himself as well as Zipperneck, Boils Brown, The Forehead, Dynamole, Professor Cromedome, The Crease, Headless Henderson, Harriet Curse, The Guy with Ears Like Little Raisins, Shiela Eel, Jack Tuber - the Man with a Thousand Faces, Eyebrows Mulligan, The Deadly Nose, The Guy that Looks Like Peter Lorre, and Dean.

    • First appearance of Sewer Urchin.

  • Allusions

    • Sea Urchin: The voice and manner of speaking of Sea Urchin are based on the character Raymond Babbitt from the film Rain Man, played by Dustin Hoffman.

    • The Guy That Looks Like Peter Lorre: Although his name is never actually mentioned, this is what the man who gives Dean to Chairface is called. His appearance and his voice and mannerisms are all modeled on actor Peter Lorre, known for playing wormy, shifty characters.

    • Jack Tuber, Man of A Thousand Faces: Jack Tuber has a potato for a head, with fake facial features attached to it. This of course is an allusion to the classic children's toy, Mr. Potato Head.

    • Man with a Thousand Faces
      A silent film era actor Lon Chaney, Sr. was known as "The Man of a Thousand Faces, for his ability to transform himself into a large and diverse assortment of characters through makeup and pantomime.

    • Villain Names:
      Chairface Chipendale, Zipperneck, The Forehead and the rest are modeled after the villains from the Dick Tracy comics. Each villain in Dick Tracy has some grotesquely exaggerated feature for which he is named, such as Pruneface or Flattop.

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