Tick, The (Animated)

Season 1 Episode 3

The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Sep 24, 1994 on FOX
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The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil
While on a trip to a paleontological dig, The Tick and Arthur meet Dinosaur Neil, the head paleontologist. When Neil accidentally eats some dinosaur growth material and transforms into a rampaging T-Rex, it's up to Tick and Arthur to get him back to normal before the army destroys him.moreless

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  • It's so blunt it's awesome.

    The Tick and Arthur decide to take a day off and visit Dinosaur Grotto. There they meet Dinosaur Neil, who accidentally eats one of his dinosaur experiments that turn him into a real life dinosaur. The Tick holds off his urge to save the city, but he was defeated, by his urge. The Tick was also defeated by Dinosaur Neil, who defeated him in a battle of physical superiority. Arthur then came up with the idea of giving Neil a giant aspirin to counter the dinosaur tissue Neil ate. The true battle came in the form of Dinosaur Neil's mouth and The Tick, where he has finally won his battle.

    Everything that was executed in this episode was unexpected, or overly expected. It was so blunt, but it was hilarious. The exclusive interview with the Pharmacist that provided Arthur and The Tick with the aspirin felt so out of context, and the exaggerated comments that followed gave it more hilarity. The battle between Neil's tongue and The Tick was also way out of context, but it was both entertaining and hilarious to watch. Though none of them can beat how Arthur became tangled up in Neil's mustache as if it were a trapping device.moreless
  • "The National Guard says it won't come unless the dinosaur is officially rampaging."

    This episode is when the show really starts to come together. There are great moments such as the Tick going through superhero withdrawals as they try to take a day off to have dinner with Arthur's sister, Dot. Or Die Fledermaus announcing that the superhero community is going to sit this one out and wait for the National Guard as Dinosaur Neil walks (not yet rampaging) through The City. It has the classic Tick type quotes such as when Arthur gets trapped by Dinosaur Neil's facial hair and the Tick yells out "The moustache of a TITAN!" It even has an appearance by "the largest trousers in the world!" It showcases the type of offbeat and truly strange moments that make this show so entertaining.moreless
  • Who else would think of this

    After accidently eating a dinosaur's tissue, a scientist named, Neil turns into a growing dinosaur, Therefor named Dinosaur Neil and the Tick is powerless to stop him because he has to impress Arthur's Sister Dot. This the first episode where we see that Die Fladuermaus is a coward and hates to fight crime and when the Human Bullet actually gets in the way when every things alright. This along with The Tick Vs. The Uncommon Cold, Tick Vs. Chairface Chippendale, and The Tick Vs. El Seed are probably the most noturious episodes.moreless
  • He’s green! He’s tall! He has a mustache! He’s Dinosaur Neal and he’s here to kick Jurassic!

    This episode easily makes my top-five list of all-time funniest Tick episodes. The show finally finds its niche with its third episode and it establishes many endearing hallmarks within the span of thirty minutes. Firstly, we are introduced to Dinosaur Neil, who will make a few recurring appearances as the betrothed of Arthur’s sister, Dot. Secondly, we are also introduced to a few of the City’s less infamous heroes – Deflator Mouse and Sewer Urchin. Deflator Mouse is an obvious parody of the Batman archetype as so zealously portrayed by Adam West in the 1966 Batman TV show. Sewer Urchin’s personality is based off of Dustin Hoffman’s character, Raymond Babbitt, from the movie Rain Man. Both of these characters will make numerous appearances throughout the course of the show. I also love when they interject random disconnected sequences into an episode that seem to serve no real purpose whatsoever. An example of this would be the German scientist who decides to create an oversized pair of pants for Dinosaur Neil. Naturally, the trousers go up in a flaming blaze prompting the scientist to scream, “Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!” It appears as if the entire scene was framed merely for the sake of using this punch line. It’s material such as this that makes the Tick such a beloved classic among the disenfranchised and psychotic.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When the Tick, Arthur and Neil were at the exit, Neil had a scaly hand in front of Arthur, but when the scene changes, Arthur shook Neil's normal hand. When the scene changes again, Arthur still shakes his hand, but it changed back to Neil's scaly hand.

    • As they leave the park Arthur and the Tick are wearing yellow souvenir T-shirts. When the angle changes to show Neil waving to them the shirts are gone.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • The Tick: Well once again my friend, we find that science is a two-headed beast. One head is good - it gives us aspirin and other modern conveniences. But the other head is bad. Oh beware the other head of science, Arthur! It bites!! And it can really ruin a good day off.

    • Dinosaur Neil: So, tell me, Tick...when you were, er, you know, in my mouth, um, fighting my tongue, was that, er, weird for you or anything?
      The Tick: Unique, Neil. Unique.

    • The Tick: (covered in saliva) To the showers with us!

    • Sally Vacuum: Minutes ago I recorded an exclusive interview with the pharmacist who provided the giant aspirin that may be the key to the dinosaur's downfall. (interviewing) That was quite an aspirin.
      Sid the Pharmacist: Oh, I s'pose so.
      Sally Vacuum: Was that the largest prescription you've ever filled?
      Sid the Pharmacist: Oh yes. Ah, but I made a huge cough drop once.
      Sally Vacuum: And how big was that?
      Sid the Pharmacist: Oh, let's see...size of a quarter.
      Sally Vacuum: Thank you, Sid the Pharmacist.

    • Arthur: You may not know this, sir, but nearly 2000 years ago a brew made from white willow leaves was recommended for gout. Today, a remedy based on that same chemical, aspirin, is the most widely used medicine in the world. But, aspirin is strong medicine, and should be taken only as directed. And children should never, ever take aspirin, except under the supervision of their parents or a licenced physician.
      National Guard Officer: That's good advice!

    • Sid the Pharmacist: Let's see now, we usually recommend two aspirins for an average-sized adult. Now, how much did you say your friend weighs?
      Arthur: Hmm... About 180 tons.
      The Tick: And still growing.
      Sid the Pharmacist: Oh. Okay, give us a minute.

    • Sally Vacuum: Die Fledermaus, can you tell us what the superhero community plans to do about this menace?
      Die Fledermaus: Good question, Sally. I think we'll just, erm, oh, sit this one out and wait for the National Guard.

    • The Tick: Oh Dot! You look lovely tonight! Your hair is like a halo of mouse-brown fire! Whatever did you do with it?
      Dot: I washed it.

    • Dinosaur Neil: Too bad you boys have to leave so soon. If you could stick around you could catch the fireworks and parade of extinction.
      The Tick: Fireworks?! Extinction?! Keen!!

    • Dinosaur Neil: I believe I can grow a dinosaur with the help of these fossils.
      Arthur: I don't know, er, that doesn't sound possible.
      Dinosaur Neil: It is. I saw it in a movie once.

    • Arthur: So tonight can you just tone it down?
      The Tick: Not a problem, gentle avenger. I will supress my every urge.

    • The Tick: Dinosaur bones, sleepy sidekick! Fun and educational!

    • The Tick: The morning light rises to greet him, and in its low warm light he stands like some sort of... of pagan god or deposed tyrant, staring out over the city he's sworn to... to stare out over. And it's evident just by looking at him that he's got some pretty heavy things on his mind.

    • Dinosaur Neil: (mutating while trying to get an aspirin bottle open) Mind...getting smaller! Hands...bigger! Childproof cap...impossible!

    • The Tick: I never knew I could learn so much...now just to retain it!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Dinosaur O'Neil: ...I saw it in a movie once.
      He was referring to "Jurassic Park", where scientists tried to clone dinosaurs for a theme park.

    • Mad Scientist
      The mad scientist in the episode is obviously based on Doctor Strangelove (played by Peter Sellers) from the movie "Doctor Strangelove".

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