Tick, The (Animated)

Season 1 Episode 6

The Tick vs. El Seed

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 15, 1994 on FOX

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  • "Soilders of corn lend me your ears"

    A giant spanish sunflower named El Seed creates a furtilizer to make plants come to life and attack people, and he's been doing one plant at time but not for long, because he rented a cropduster to spray to entire city, but it spill on the Tick and plants start growing from his body, so it's up to the Tick, and a group of superheros called the Civic Minded Five to stop El Seed and get the antidote. This is one of my favorite episode with my second favorite villian(Chairface Chippendale being the first)and the Civic Minded Five was a pretty neat group of super heros. The best one is the Carpeted Man who rubs his legs on the ground to produce static electricty but always get over heated in his own suit. I also love El seed spanish accent (Europe Spanish not Mexico Spanish), I have memorized almost all of his quotes.
  • There's a new menace threatening the City. Spanish sunflower, El Seed is determined to wipe out all of humanity and replace it with fruits and veggies. And only the TICK and the CIVIC-MINDED FIVE have a legume's chance of stopping him!

    I always got a kick out of El Seed. I mean…he’s a friggin’ SUNFLOWER! What’s not to love? But El Seed almost takes a backseat to the strangest gang of heroes around, namely – the Civic Minded Five! Now, the Tick is known to hang out with some pretty fruity heroes, but these guys take the cake. One of their members, Carpet Man (or something like that) prides himself on his ability to generate static electricity wherever he walks.

    The Tick also goes through some amusing permutations, when he gets infected by El Seed’s weaponry and begins sprouting vegetables out of his costume. This of course, leads in to some fairly inane monologues, as the Tick begins comparing his own trials to that of a piece of Broccoli. Ahhh…good times.