Tick, The (Animated)

Season 1 Episode 6

The Tick vs. El Seed

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 15, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In one of the opening scenes, when the two trees come to life and steal the Sid & Al's gardening truck, the driver is making a delivery to a housewife who bears a striking resemblance to The Human Bullet's wife. Whether this actually is Mrs. Bullet or just a random character who distinctly resembles her is unclear.

  • Quotes

    • El Seed: I hate the humans! They really get my goat! I'm not so fond of goats, either.

    • El Seed: One part vitalizer to a million-zillion parts water; the recipe for revolution!

    • El Seed: When I was taking night courses at agricultural college, a fine school, I learned three things…One; never stand behind a cow. Two; people and plants can never learn in harmony. Three; if you really want something, you take it, and I want the world!

    • The Tick: I hate broccoli, and yet, in a certain sense, I am broccoli.

    • The Tick: You know, when a tomato grows out of your forehead, it gets you thinking. What do we know about anything? Life is just a big, wild, crazy, tossed salad. But you don't eat it, no sir, you live it! Isn't it great?

    • The Tick: Villains always have antidotes - they're funny that way.

    • El Seed: Off my plane, blue monkey!

  • Notes

    • The Civic-minded Five are introduced in this episode.

      The Civic-Minded Five are: 4-Legged Man (team leader), Capt. Mucilage, The Carpeted Man, Jungle Janet and Feral Boy. (In the Tick comics, the Five are Feral Boy, Fernslinger, Oddman, Mr. Envelope and team leader Radio King.)

      4-Legged Man may be a parody of the X-Men character Forearm from the Mutant Liberation Front, who has 4 arms, as opposed to 4-Legged Man, who has 4 legs.

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