Tick, The (Animated)

Season 1 Episode 8

The Tick vs. the Uncommon Cold

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 29, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When The Tick, Arthur, Thrakkorzogg and Tick's clone go to the roof to fight Arthur's clone does not show up with them. We never see what happened to him as only Thrakkorzogg and Tick's clone are sent to Dimension 14B.

  • Quotes

    • Thrakkorzogg: Clone, go next door and fetch me a tissue sample from the Tick, got it? A tissue sample.
      Clone Arthur: I Arthur (nodding)
      Arthur: You'll never get away with this you overconfident blob. The Tick will be onto that flimsy fabrication in a second. He hasn't got a chance against the always weary eye of the ever alert Tick.
      (meanwhile in their apartment, Tick is snoring on the couch)

    • Thrakkorzoggs Roomate: Hey you guys aren't gonna fight in here, are ya?
      Thrakkorzogg: And why not? I pay half the rent.
      Thrakkorzoggs Roomate: We'll lose our cleaning deposit if any half gets messed up.
      Thrakkorzogg: Oh the cleaning deposit what was I thinking!

    • The Tick: Blast this uncommon cold anyway! Well only one thing to do now, wear this super cold down with many hours of daytime television.

    • The Tick: Mucus, the scourge of mankind!

    • The Tick: I've had enough chasing, it's your turn now Forest Smog
      Thrakkorzogg: Thrakkorzogg, Thrakkorzogg with a "k"! Boy are you ever rude!
      Thrakkorzoggs Tongue: Eat rude brain!
      The Tick: No brains today, were only serving humble pie, Whatchyamazog!
      Thrakkorzogg: Listen buddy, for the last time it's...
      The Tick: Thorax in a Bog
      Thrakkorzogg: Thrakkorzogg!
      The Tick: Ah Laxative Log
      Thrakkorzogg: No, no
      The Tick: Laps Lander Zog
      Thrakkorzogg: No
      The Tick: Four Yaks and a Dog.
      Thrakkorzogg: Thrack...
      The Tick: Sap Sucker Frog.
      Thrakkorzogg: No, no, no
      The Tick: Susan.
      Thrakkorzogg: Now you're doing it on purpose, how juvenile.

    • The Tick: Listen here, Whatchamazog!

    • Arthur: I know how to prove which one of us is the real Arthur. I'll tell you something only the two of us would know.
      The Tick: Uh, okay.
      Arthur: Tick, remember when my sister got me that V-neck sweater for my birthday and we tried to return to the store, but they only gave us store credit? And then at the diner, I ordered a cheeseburger, and it came with onions, even after I specifically told the waitress I didn't want any onions. Remember that day, Tick?
      The Tick: Indeed I do! (to Arthur Clone) Okay, your turn.
      Arthur Clone: I Arthur.
      The Tick: Can't argue with that.

    • The Tick: Mucal Invader! Is there no end to your oozing?!?

    • Thrakkorzog: Now, now, now - there'll be plenty of time for brain-eating after we conquer the Earth!

    • The Tick: I don't know the meaning of the word 'surrender'! (pause) I mean, I know it, I'm not dumb... just not in this context...

    • The Tick: So, foul gelatin, you would do battle with the nose of your birth?!?

    • The Tick: Smells like... ambush!!!

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