Tick, The (Animated)

Season 3 Episode 4

Tick vs. Arthur

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 05, 1996 on FOX

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  • Arthur, tired of trying disgusting diets, wears a belt that he stole from a villain that makes him strong with a turn of a dial. As the power starts to go to Arthur's head, the Tick takes his dog Speak to the vet.

    This episode is worth watching alone just because the Tick has to fight Arthur. This isn't the best story, but it is still funny none the less. The thing about this is, the funniest and most interesting part to me was when the Tick discovered that his dog Speak isn't a dog at all, but a rodent, the biggest rodent on Earth to be exact. Finding this explains a lot about the Tick's favorite pet. The fight with Arthur doesn't happen until the end of the episode, but you know that they will be friends again by the end of the episode. How could Arthur not be friends with the Tick by the end? So, that point is nothing more than watching the two fight.
  • The Tick must face his srongest opponet ever, Arthur!

    It starts out with The Tick trying to get Speak to come out from the cabinet under the sink and having big plans for him to join there team. Meanwhile a new Villian named Baron Violent destroying most of the city. When The Tick, Arthur and Speak go to stop him and find out that the secret to his power is his belt. Unfortunatly Baron Violent throw part of the street around Speak and The Tick is busy trying to save him. Fortunatly Arthur is able to retrive the belt. While The Tick is taking Speak to the vet, Arthur goes to lock up the belt at there apartment but he decides to try it on and gets stronger and meaner. While on a date with Camalita, Baron Violent set thugs out to get the belt back but Arthur beats them up and threatens Baron Violent to leave town. While at the vet The Tick discovers that Speak is in fact not a dog, he's the worlds biggest RAT! Camalita recurts The Tick to help stop Arthur. This is a funny episode with the truth about Speak. I Love The Tick's fantasy about Speak giving a world wide peace treaty to the UN and helping him save the world and having every villian fear him and Speak. The first thing The Tick says when he goes into the vets office is "Bad...Man...Hit...Dog...With...Sreet." Arthur can be a good villian when he lets power go to his head. This is unfortunatly the last apperance of the Civic Minded Five, they made up 25% of laughs of one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite episodes, The Tick vs. El Seed. My Favorite part of this episode is whe The Tick tries to get Speak to fetch the ball and walk out of the cabinet