Tick, The (Animated)

Season 3 Episode 6

Tick vs. Filth

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 26, 1996 on FOX



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    • Filth Soldiers: We're filth, we're filth! We come from filth, we're going to filth! We're filth!

    • Sewer Urchin: Down here (in the sewer) I'm considered the apotheosis of cool.

    • Sewer Urchin: Okay, now listen guys, if you want to get out of here in one piece, stick close to me and do what I do. Tick, don't do what you do.

    • The Tick: You can't judge a sewer by its manhole cover! No, sir, people can be very different under the surface than they might seem...quite, mild mannered souls just might turn out to be roaring lions of two-fisted cool! And roaring lions of two-fisted cool just might have some crippling Lobster problems! Listen man, it's all crazy down there under the surface! A lost wallet could bite you in half! A bar of soap could save your life...and...egad! A disgusting mound of muck might have some very compelling ideas! Do you dig my ditch?

    • The Tick: A ha ha; chess! The ancient contest of wits! Two opponents, mano-a-mano; braino-a-braino! And look! Magnets for ease of travel! Why, you could play chess on the moon!

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