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"I am the wild blue yonder. The front line in a never-ending battle between good... and not-so good. Together, with my stalwart sidekick, Arthur, and the magnanimous help of some other folks I know, we form the yin to villainy's malevolent yang. Destiny has chosen us. Wicked men! You face...The Tick!" The life of a superhero is not easy. There are not enough dangers. However, someone must fight evil and protect good. The few who face this challenge have to leave behind comfort, security and a little sanity. Jumping from roof to roof in one single jump, the mysterious blue justice defender The Tick (Patrick Warburton) patrols The City, and his limited knowledge of human life doesn't interfere with his desire to protect society. The frustrated and well-behaved accountant known as Arthur (David Burke) left his job to join The Tick as The Moth, and now they're a crime-fighting duo. Arthur has always secretly wished being a superhero. Well, not so secretly, since he used his moth outfit (which looks more like a bunny) to work. On this fight against injustice, The Tick also counts on Batmanuel (Nestor Carbonell), a Latino superhero who never promotes himself without a worthy cause. His kryptonite is Captain Liberty (Liz Vassey), the government's number one weapon on the battle against supervillains. The Tick is based on the 'cult' comic character created by Ben Edlund. There was an animated version a few years ago. Check it out here. Originally planned as a 2000-2001 midseason replacement after The Simpsons on Sunday nights, and apparently never thought of as anything more than strike filler for a writer's strike which never happened, FOX toppers Sandy Grushow and Gail Berman changed their minds, keeping Malcolm in the Middle in the slot for another year and pushing The Tick back to fall. When The Tick finally went on the air, it was dumped on Thursdays. They didn't promote it very much, and needless to say, it didn't last very long.moreless
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  • im crying...

    All I can say is, bring it back!

  • I Would Love Being Captain Liberty!

    The best thing about watching "The Tick" was not the blue guy but, instead, Captain Liberty, who was the smartest of the four superheroes patrolling The City. I would wear that maroon leotard and gold shorts forever, never going back to my civilian identity if I could. Definitely a well-written show that is still memorable to this day, even after repeated viewings on my DVD player.
  • This was an awesome show...corny at times but thats what made it was corny yet entertaining and Warburton was the perfect person to play The Tick...

    This show was hilarious...I loved it for so many reasons...Warburton was perfect for the show and the character BatManuel is just genius. lol I wish they continued this show well into 5 seasons or more but no the idiots at FOX did the same thing they always do and thats cancel great shows because they have no idea what they are doing!

    So anyone reading this in power at FOX...BRING IT BACK...and yea I know no one reading it will be able to do that but still it needed to be said. I have every episode of this show but its just enough...I want more. :)moreless
  • I first encountered The Tick through the comic books. I was instantly fascinated by the cool graphics and the unique humor of the comic's creators. But I never thought that a live-action version could capture its essence so perfectly. I was wrong!moreless

    Some people just won't understand the appeal of The Tick. I'm not sure exactly why I loved it at first sight myself. But I did. For one thing, the show was absolutely unique- even the purposely cartoonish Batman wasn't this unabashedly silly. And I mean that in a good way. The actors are fearless in their absolutely straight readings of their roles, and Patrick Warburton perfectly nails his line readings every single time. I think the most ingenious aspect of the show is its insistence on treating this ludicrous world, populated with outrageous superheroes and supervillains, as an absolutely real place. Most of the laughs come from how seriously these characters take themselves and their world.

    This ain't Emmy-bait, folks. But if you don't mind good, solid laughs, try this one on.moreless
  • May I ask what the heck is the show?!

    This show is so bad i blocked the whole channel for it. It has no plot at all. my mom mistaked a bad guy for the members of the KKK.I really think that it should be deleted from all TVs. It is SOOOO STUPID. I really hate this show


    Report: Amazon Is Reviving The Tick With Patrick Warburton

    Fox canceled the live-action superhero parody in 2002, after only nine episodes.

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