The Tick

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 2001 on FOX

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  • For a silly comedy show, this episode actually had some thought-provoking superhero character development.

    The Tick, Arthur, Batmanuel and Captain Liberty meet superhero tandem Fiery Blaze and Friendly Fire. Blaze's poor treatment of his sidekick Fire gives the foursome pause about superhero couples.

    This was a surprisingly well done character development episode. Tick, Arthur, Batmanuel and Captain Liberty all go their separate ways after meeting with the fiery duo. Arthur gives up his superhero aspirations altogether. As the episode progresses, the four realize that they depend on each other to ensure that they can have successful lives as superheros.

    I really liked Patrick Breen's guest appearance as Friendly Fire. He was well used as a thought-provoker for the main characters.
  • relationships

    This episode is about our heros relationship together.After meeting Fiery Blaze (the guy who played hellboy) and his sidekick, Friendly Fire (who comes across a bit gay) - The Tick goes on a ego trip and view arthur as a side kick. The rest of the episdode is about that and Arthur helping Fiery Blaze's side kick- Friendly Fire- to overcome his bulley of a partner. Captain liberty buys a dog and gets blown up. and thats about it stroy wise-this is an ok episode but there are better tick episodes. 7 out of 10- worth a watch but there is better
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