The Tick

FOX (ended 2002)


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  • Season 1
    • The Terror
      Episode 9
      Batmanuel, Captain Liberty and Arthur surprise Tick on the rooftops with a celebratory cake, marking their one year anniversary. Arthur begins questioning his super hero roots, just like when he first encountered Tick. And Janet lets her hormones get the better of her, resulting in a major confrontation.
    • 1/24/02
      Captain Liberty encourages Arthur to come out to his family as the superhero he really is. The only problem is, his mother and sister don't take the news very well, and admit him into a psychiatric hospital, where they supposedly turn superheroes into "normal" people. Can The Tick go on without a side-kick?moreless
    • 1/17/02
      The Tick, Arthur and Batmanuel are asked to testify against Destroyo in the court of law after they accidentally discover weapons of mass destruction in the boot of his car. Meanwhile, Captain Liberty has been assigned to keep watch over the very villain Tick wishes to convict.
    • The Big Leagues
      Episode 6
      The Tick and Arthur are approached by the League of Superheores, who wish to recruit the crime fighting duo into their organisation. Captain Liberty and Batmanuel feel excluded from the pro-white, anti feminist league and decide to take action.
    • Arthur runs into an old high school crush, Stacy Waxman. Turns out she’s very big into super heroes, and after years of ignoring Arthur, finds him incredibly attractive in his costume. Meanwhile, Captain Liberty has stumbled into a compromising position and it’s up to Batmanuel to attempt to save the day, all the while educating Tick on the purpose of sex.moreless
    • The License
      Episode 4
      When it is revealed to Arthur, Captain Liberty and Batmanuel that The Tick is working without a superhero license, he and Arthur go down to the DMV to obtain one. Only one problem -- The Tick doesn't know his date of birth, his social security number or his real name. In a quest to find out who he really is, Arthur does a search, which unites The Tick with a woman who claims to be his wife -- but is she the real thing? Meanwhile, Captain Liberty tries dating as a regular woman. And Batmanuel attempts to make the papers.moreless
    • Couples
      Episode 3
      The Tick and Arthur run into Fiery Flame and his sidekick, Friendly Fire. Arthur is shocked to see how badly Fiery treats Friendly. Friendly is also surprised to see that The Tick doesn't treat Arthur like his maid. After a little chat with Arthur, Friendly leaves Fiery, and temporarily moves in with Arthur and Tick. Arthur and Tick are having enough problems of their own – the toothpaste cap, for example – and Friendly suggests Arthur put his foot down regarding his relationship with The Tick. Friendly takes him out to meet other underestimated sidekicks, but Arthur insists he's not a sidekick; he's part of a duo. Finally, Fiery shows up drunk asking for Friendly to go back to him, and Tick and Arthur establish that no one wears the pants in their house. Meanwhile, Captain Liberty attempts to find a companion. She tries to buy a Chow puppy, but the store clerk won't sell it to her, so she asks Batmanuel to buy for her. He buys a bulldog, which not only destroys her house, but also has an unfortunate accident with her hand grenades.moreless
    • The Funeral
      Episode 2
      The amazing Immortal arrives in town to do a book signing for his auto-biography, and Captain Liberty has the honour of escorting him around the city. However, things turn sour when she finds out the Immortal isn’t so immortal after all and has to pull off the con of a lifetime to avoid public humiliation.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      After deciding to quit his job as an accountant, Arthur, a wannabe super hero, bumps into "The Tick", the city's excuse for a super hero. Taking Arthur under his wing The Tick begins to teach Arthur the ropes of how to become a super hero, which proves to be one giant disillusion as it turns out The Tick isn't so "super" as he first thought.moreless
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