The Tick

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Nov 08, 2001 on FOX

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  • A good start to the show.

    A great thing about "The Tick" premiere is that it looked so much like a comic book. The colors look fantastic. I am a fan of how the Tick's costume translated in the live-action show. It's comically ridiculous.

    Patrick Warburton looks like this is his 100th episode of "The Tick" rather than his very first. His style is so well suited for the superhero role. He carried the episode from beginning to end.

    The opening gas station scenes that got the Tick into the city were kind of strange. If he had truly been annoyingly watching over that gas station for the length of time that was hinted at, I think the locals would have tried to get rid of him much earlier. Maybe they did try and he wouldn't go. That would seem to fit the character.

    Arthur's introduction was perfect I thought.
  • Not the greatest, but shows potential.

    The supporting cast are what makes this episode, Athur is brilliant and the russians are hilarious. The cartoon sillyness translated to live action being a little jarring at first but soon enough you get used to it, it took me several episodes to quite be able to cope. The downfall however is the Tick himself, he's too juvinile, too boisterous and too chaotic, his behaviour is more what you expect from a kids show but this certainly is not aimed at children.
    His running about yelling gets tiresome fast, his nonsensical rambling get old. I loved the cartoon series but this pilot really needed some rethinking.

    Overall, the plot is amusing enough, save the world from a giant robot comunist out to kill the president. Suitably silly for the tick universe that one, and once the action kicks off and characters meet things start to gel. Arthur is the real gem in this episode, and indeed the entire series. His long suffering nature and awkwardness make him not only sympathetic but damned funny.
  • short and sweet

    When i first heard of a live action tick- i was like wtf? The tick was a great cartoon from my childhood but i could not imagine its comic madness with real actors. But here it is.The only major critism i have of this episode is that it was too short- ok each episode is around 20 mins long each, but it just flys by. Ok, so the review. The episode was entertaining and funny, and it managed to keep a certain amount of madness to it which i like a lot. The episode focuses on a russian roboy out to kill an ex president, so arther and the tick save the day. good start and quiet entertaining.