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  • Surprisingly Funny and Creative Show!

    I'm a big fan of the Tick 1994 Animated Series, so I was a little skeptical about this show. I wasn't sure how the goofy and cartoony elements from the Tick Animated Series would translate into live action. However, after watching the pilot, I was pleasantly surprised. Much of the same talent that worked on the animated series (writers, producers, returned to work on this live action show. It certainly shows, as there are many similarities to the cartoon here, however it also stands alone and is unique in its own right. If you like the animated series, or even if you didn't or never watched it, give this series a try. It seems like it was really ahead of its time, and it's too bad it was cut so short. The actors here are fantastic, starting with Patrick Warburton of course, but I love Nestor Carbonell as Batmanuel also. He's absolutely hilarious!
  • im crying...

    All I can say is, bring it back!

  • I Would Love Being Captain Liberty!

    The best thing about watching "The Tick" was not the blue guy but, instead, Captain Liberty, who was the smartest of the four superheroes patrolling The City. I would wear that maroon leotard and gold shorts forever, never going back to my civilian identity if I could. Definitely a well-written show that is still memorable to this day, even after repeated viewings on my DVD player.
  • This was an awesome show...corny at times but thats what made it was corny yet entertaining and Warburton was the perfect person to play The Tick...

    This show was hilarious...I loved it for so many reasons...Warburton was perfect for the show and the character BatManuel is just genius. lol I wish they continued this show well into 5 seasons or more but no the idiots at FOX did the same thing they always do and thats cancel great shows because they have no idea what they are doing!

    So anyone reading this in power at FOX...BRING IT BACK...and yea I know no one reading it will be able to do that but still it needed to be said. I have every episode of this show but its just enough...I want more. :)
  • I first encountered The Tick through the comic books. I was instantly fascinated by the cool graphics and the unique humor of the comic's creators. But I never thought that a live-action version could capture its essence so perfectly. I was wrong!

    Some people just won't understand the appeal of The Tick. I'm not sure exactly why I loved it at first sight myself. But I did. For one thing, the show was absolutely unique- even the purposely cartoonish Batman wasn't this unabashedly silly. And I mean that in a good way. The actors are fearless in their absolutely straight readings of their roles, and Patrick Warburton perfectly nails his line readings every single time. I think the most ingenious aspect of the show is its insistence on treating this ludicrous world, populated with outrageous superheroes and supervillains, as an absolutely real place. Most of the laughs come from how seriously these characters take themselves and their world.

    This ain't Emmy-bait, folks. But if you don't mind good, solid laughs, try this one on.
  • May I ask what the heck is the show?!

    This show is so bad i blocked the whole channel for it. It has no plot at all. my mom mistaked a bad guy for the members of the KKK.I really think that it should be deleted from all TVs. It is SOOOO STUPID. I really hate this show

  • Corny?

    I never saw the The Tick cartoon, or read the comic. But this live action show had to be the campiest and corniest thing ever. Adults dressed up as insects. Nobody even stared at them or anything when they were in the city and stuff. I know the Tick himself was blue, and there was also Moth Man, also known as Arthur. And Batmanuel. And last but not least Ms. Liberty. Anyway, it is unitentionally funny in the fact that the costumes were so bad that just looking at them would make you laugh. Middle aged men dressed up as Ticks and Moths? Genius. But besides the costumes, this show was pretty unwatchable. Check it out for a quick laugh, but don't expect to much.
  • A great show that was killed off before it could get popular.

    The Tick is a very funny show that I was suprised didn't carry on very long. It was a big dissapointment for me when the show ended so fast. It was ended because of the production cost. It was too expensive and filming episodes was some what of an issue due to the little support from FOX. And so, the show was ended with only 8 episodes being able to air. The show has a great cast, nice production quality, great sateric humor, and and much more. If you haven't seen or heard of it, check it out for yourself.
  • This show was definately a overlooked gem and should come back just like Family Guy has.

    I recently saw the show on DVD. I was suprised that it only had one season. It has some funny and crazy lines and situations. Off the cartoon The Tick which wasn\'t that great of a cartoon. They shaped it and had some pretty decent storylines in the crazyness. On top of that they had some great actors playing the perfect parts of each character. I looked it up here on and noticed that it was shown on Fox, a company which doesn\'t seem to know the first thing about managing shows, and saw that they put it on it\'s first and only season on the most competative night on TV and on a primetime slot nonetheless. Sure maybe later on in it\'s time it could definately take the primtime slot on Thursdays but not the first season. Fox also thinks that Sunday Night is the biggest night on TV which some may agree, but ratings seem to show that it is Thursday. Fox also didn\'t really give it much advertisement either so how are we supposed to know it\'s on? I didn\'t know it was on when it originally was on. My suggestion would be to place it on Adult Swim just like many older TV shows that they brought back like Pee Wee\'s Playhouse and most notably Family Guy. I bet all the fans would see it and love it. In doing so Fox may see it and bring it back just like they did with Family Guy.
  • Spoooon!

    This show was misunderstound, and even mismatched in choice of network. Many people who do not understand this show never will. Fox never should have never had this show. It would have been better on say, Comedy Central. Unquestionably this is one the funniest and most original comedies made. Beyond clever writing, the characterizations were spot on. Patrick Warburton as The Tick is godsend. Every episode was welcomingly different, both a satyr of comic books and real life. Fox, like usual, killed this show before is had a chance.
    I have said this before and I will say it again \"Somebody take Rupert Murdoch out to the woodshed and bring along the Fox executives. Let take care of business.\"
  • the greatness that is the tick

    When i was young i remember watching the tick cartoon and laughing my ass off. years later i found the tick live action show. at first i was apprahensive- would it be any good? how about casting? etc- but when i watch it, i wasnt dissapointed. the episodes were funny and very cartoony- the only problem i probably have with the series is that the episodes were too short and theres only 11 of them. I really did enjoy watching them, for their funny storys, for the laughs and just because it was a great show. anyone who thought it was rubbish dont know what their talking about
  • The adventures of a giant blue bug, his friend the moth, and their quest to defeat criminal madmen with common household items for heads. No, really.

    In this mad world, who can we turn to when we need help? When the night is dark--which is every time, come to think of it--and you fear that the moon will be used as a canvas by a demented rogue with a chair for a head, who is the fountain of reliability?

    You probably said 'police department,' which is correct. Yet in an alternate world, the rules don't apply. Bitter men who have been turned into giant ice cream cones roam the land. It's up to paragons of goodness, like our muscular blue friend, the aptly named Tick and his friend Arthur, the disappointed accountant who thinks he looks good dressed as a white moth, to utilize their mighty strength and a couple of good catchphrases to save the day.

    A very funny, creative and even sweet show. All too short-lived, but due to make its debut on DVD in August '06, so you can catch up on the fun even if you didn't encounter it on tv.

    'The Tick' is one heaping sundae cone of justice.


  • Take a gander at the main page!

    This show was totally underappreciated! The casting was absolutely, without a doubt perfect and the writing was beyond hilarious. The scene where the Tick was arguing with the toilet still makes me grin. This show had immense potential but those with extremely bad taste and absolutely no foresight cut it down :(
  • A comic book show before they were in fashion.

    Man, if that show had come out this year, it would have been grabbed by every bloody network out there. Now they're snapping up every comic book title they can get their hands on (or at least that's what it seems like they've been doing for the last couple of years).

    Even some of the writing was more or less lifted; the line "Why is everybody yelling?" sounds pretty much identical to the "I don't know what we're yelling about" line in Anchorman.

    You'd think even the calibur of some of the cast would have given them and idea of what they had.

    Seems quite similar to Mystery Men to me.
  • Am I blue? Yes, I'm blue.

    Sometimes television shows come along that get it right. In my opinion, this is one of those shows.

    A perfect core cast that seemed to understand who they were and what they were doing. Big bold over the top acting that works so well for a show of this kind. These are brave warriors in the battle of art and entertainment. A crack squard of soldiers whose fight ended too soon.

    Let's face it, normal average people hate good television. They prefer average shows which don't make them feel like they are the crappy underacheivers they are. The Tick was a better show than they deserved to be watching. Unfortunately for those of us who actually apprecaite good television, TV is a business and majority rules. Let's vote out the majority and elect a new majority?

    The pace for this show was perfect. Quick and to the point. Nothing uneccessary.

    The visuals were breathtakingly sublime. No cheesy three camera sit-com set up.

    The colors and costumes pitch perfect representations of a cartoon reality.

    The writing was wip smart and not pandering. It didn't play down to the audience, you had to work harder to get some of the jokes, but they were well worth it. And if you didn't get the jokes, the visuals should have sated your comic hunger.

    It seemed like a perfect match, Fox and the Tick. The upstart and the underdog. But I suppose what we'd come to expect from a network built on challenging the status-quo would eventually have to give way to the ho-hum of the other network's crappy decision making process. You can't lead the pack by being different. You have to look like everyone else. Such is the tragedy of network television...Such is the tragedy of the Tick.

    SPOON! *tear.*
  • Why must it be gone?

    This was literally one of the best TV shows that was on in a decade. But nobody knew about it and that's what made it get cancelled. if it had had a better time slot and people put it on a pedastal for it to be seen, then there would have been a much bigger fan base. but instead, it was underrated and set at cult status. This was definitely Patrick Warburton at his best. He was basically a powerful brute that didn't know anything cuz he had the mentality of a five year old. I think that TV lost something special, when this show was cancelled.
  • Under-rated, funny, creative, well acted and well characterised.

    I\'ve seen a fair few negative comments about this show, but I have to disagree. The show does have it\'s flaws (especially the episodes directed by Bo Welch. WHY?), but it\'s humour and characterisation more than make up for them.

    Firstly, the cast is great, and the actors have such fun with their roles. The gags and chemistry between the characters is brilliant (and my favourite source of humour). But the stories are directly aimed at teenagers and adults, which is what I think really makes it great. The animated series would\'ve had stories and situations suitable for children, but not this one. This version deals with more adult situations, like sex, relationships, identity, the justice system, sexism, and death.

    I think that given another chance, this series could\'ve been really good had it found it\'s audience. But I fear FOX would prefer dishing out the stale crap it loves so much (including the new Simpsons episodes).
  • Live action, the only difference from the cartoon.

    This was the second coming of the Tick. This din't quite live up to the cartoon. Maybe computer animation would have been better. The main actor, fits in as the tick. When I think about the Tick, I think about a typical jock, a meathead. The tick lives up to being stupid. Its the action and basic acting that just doesn't make this show a success. This how isn't bad but not much better than average.
  • I never heard of the Tick and I'm a comic book maniac.

    This show does not seem very interesting. I never heard of this superhero, meaning it's probably not that popular. His costume is not really impressive and this show does not seem even heroic, it's funny. I'll give it that, but it doesn't psych me out with the human drama of Spider-Man. So this show is like "comme-ci comme ca"
  • Amazingly funny but wasn't picked up by the network

    This TV show was a great idea. It was a pull from the cartoon that dayviewed on Saturdays. It had great actors, great idea, classic comedy, but still no watchers.


    Only the creators probably know why it was taken off the air. I think it probably had something to do with the age groups watching. Older generations probably didn't like it as much as I did.
  • The life of a superhero is a lonely one, filled with hardship and danger. The few who answer the show must leave comfort, safety and sometimes sanity behind.

    The Tick, the big blue super … something. The Tick may have had super strength but that was about it. Patrick Warburton plays the Tick so well and Liz Vassey plays Captain Liberty is just, well hot. The only thing I wish they did change from the plot is her costume. the first one was better. And to Fox who axed the show, YOU SUCK.
  • Wish it had been given more of a chance!

    Ah, The Tick. Long a cult favorite in the comic world and a huge hit in the cartoon world, Fox gave the big guy a chance...then killed him off without a proper send-off. Of the nine episodes made, Fox only aired eight of them, which is a shame. Credit must be given them for releasing the series on DVD, however (still waiting for season sets of the infinitely more popular cartoon, though!).

    From the beginning, I wasn't crazy about the show. The Die Fledermaus character (now called Batmanuel) went from being an egomaniac to more of a sex maniac. I didn't like all the overt sexual references he made towards/about Captain Liberty (new version of American Maid), but it's to be expected nowadays, I guess. It was played for cheap laughs, which is never a good thing. I must say that a few episodes in, though, I began to really like Batmanuel! They toned him down a bit and he started to become more like the lovable loser he was based on. As for the acting, all played their characters well, especially Patrick Warburton as The Tick. That was a brilliant bit of casting!

    To be honest, I was saddened but not surprised to hear of its cancellation. It was probably just too "out there" for the average TV watcher and Fox couldn't justify keeping it around. I wish it had been around for a while more, though, as it had huge potential to become a classic like the cartoon did.
  • In The City, superheroes reign. And live their everyday lives. Here, we focus on the powerful but moronic Tick, the neurotic and confused Arthur, the patriotic and violent Captain Liberty, and the kind of useless and flashy Batmanuel. They, you know, figh

    I must admit when I first watched the show, I was slightly disappointed. Sure, it was funny, but it wasn't fantastic.

    Still, I was even more disappointed when it was cancelled before it could prove itself to me. But luckily, I ended up shelling out the $30 I needed to buy the series on DVD and I haven't regretted the decision since.

    The live action version of The Tick, unlike the 1994 cartoon, could not afford to create the wildly ludicrous stories of the animated series, but made up for it in the clever (and sometimes not so clever) comedy. Such as when Tick and Arthur face off against The Terror, the worst villain of the 20th century (Which means he's REALLY old). In the cartoon, surely the battle would have been against a giant robot or something. Instead, in this series, Tick challenges the decrepit Terror to a battle and succeeds in only giving The Terror a heart attack.


    Check out the DVD of this series. The episodes they managed to show on Fox did the series no justice. I just wish we had the chance to hear the glorious cry of The Tick.


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    "And you don't eat crackers in the bed of your future...", 10 September 2003
    Author: grendelkhan from Xanadu

    Ah, the Tick. For those of us who were privileged enough to know the Tick before his Saturday Morning debut, this series was a delight. It perfectly captured the demented world of our favorite blue lunatic; and, we finally got to see some of the stuff that Ben Edlund never got around to.

    The voice casting was perfect. Townsend Coleman gave Tick the right combination of heroic, but insane. I really preferred Mickey Dolenz to Rob Paulsen as Arthur, but, both were good. The additions of Die Fledermaus and American Maid were superb. The only parts I missed were Oedipus and Paul the Samurai.

    This was a series that was too sophisticated for its environment. It didn't really fit in with the Saturday Moning kiddie fare and should have been shown in prime time. Still, it was worth getting up Saturday Morning to catch it.

    It's hard to pick a favorite episode, there are so many good ones. A few of the best: Tick vs Tick, Thrakkorzog, Tick in Belgium, the Tick's hero class, and the Brainchild episodes.

    Thankfully, this series is about to come out on dvd. Now we can relive those halcyon days. SPOOOOOOONN!!
  • This show was so funny and so was the original cartoon YAY for the dvd

    This was another great show fox had but once again like FOX always does they cancel it. It was so funny sometimes I would bust a gut laughing. Then they released the dvd and I was so flippin happy cus I loved this show. I doubt it will ever be coming back.
  • What the heck is this????o_O

    I don't get it. What is the deal with this show? It is so pointless. The characters are all weirdly weird.(does that make any sense?)I'm sure there are a bunch fans of the show, but I still don't get the point of the show at all.
    I really wish the show came on one and a half hour later than it does so I could see my other shows earlier than I do.