The Tick

Season 1 Episode 2

The Funeral

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Nov 15, 2001 on FOX

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  • funny stuff

    this is a very funny episode of the tick. famous hero- the immortal comes to town for a book signing and captain liberty kills him when she has sex with him. It is up to the tick and company to stop everyone form finding out how it happend- leading to some very funny situations. we also see the funeral of the immortal and the speak that the tick gives. overall this is a very good, funny and entertaing episode of the tick. we also see arther pluck up some corage and talk to a girl for once. 9 out of 10. must see
  • In the show's episode we are treated to a somewhat sickening story of our hero trying to hide a dead body.

    Captain Liberty accidentally boinks the life out of Mr. Immortal. She along with the Tick, Arthur and Batmanuel decide that they have to hide the hero's body back in his hotel room.

    Maybe one of the reason's this show failed could be attributed to this episode. If the Tick is supposed to be a superhero well liked by everyone, he probably shouldn't be hiding dead bodies. Viewers might be turned off watching the Tick try to cover up the truth. It's just a theory and something I didn't like seeing from the superhero group.

    I did really like the joke about the other hotel room uttered by the Tick, "This looks just like the other hotel room." That's great, because you know it's the same exact set.